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35 Comments on Is Bitcoin Going to 100K in One Year?

  1. 1) All the arguments this guy uses were also around when BTC was worth a couple of cents. And look where it is now.
    2) this is a famous chartist? He only refers to his ‘political BTC’ opinions. Not impressed at all!

    • It’s so funny to see these so called “experts” talk about something they have no knowledge about at all 🙂 Bitcoin has been going up every year and thes clowns think Bitcoin cares about moving averages… It’s funny how he thinks central banks will fail… As if they have not failed allready and the entire banking system will end in the next couple of years 😀 Bitcoin will hit just over 20k this oktober… it will crash down after this because noobs selling to make profit… it will get boring again for months but then we go up to 30-50k beginning of next year…

    • Very unimpressed with his analysis. These guys have not been in this space that long and really don’t know how this space works. But yet they think there experts. Always makes me laugh.

    • how exactly will u do that when all routers are controlled by government and therefore so is the internet, and when government has the military, police and judicial system to enforce its laws. Try taking on the IRS

    • @George Well, what you are pointing out is that every goverment has to be dictatorship, in order to successfully prevent this. But I think it could very well rot inside out on its own though. Just look what’s going on with US dollar alone from 2007-8.

    • Zachary Laid Finding Freedom Honestly, I am sick and tired of this hypocrisy. On the one hand, all the credible big boys on youtube see bitcoin as the future, as digital gold. I am talking about Alessio, DataDash, Andreas Antopoulos, … Nobody ever mentions the scenarios and risks where bitcoin could crash permanently. Until then, your disclaimer is just to protect you legally. From a pure rational point of view, with all the arguments that are thrown at us by these same youtubers (log scale, halving, world economy, ..), it looks like a high to very high probability that bitcoin will surge in price over the coming years. Maybe not 2019, maybe not even in 2020 or 2021 due to a possible major recession. With this in mind, it makes rationally sense to invest dollar cost average now instead of 2021 or later.

    • Bare in mind if BTC were to fall to $3-5$k it may never come back, it would take a long time to recover, and during that time other tech could overtake it’s position. Also nobody has mentioned the halvening in 2020 which is a more bullish outlook for the price right now.

    • I would spread it out because the us dollar isnt as safe as most think . Right now gold is safer than any currency.

  2. Look, it’s another smug elite who claims to be a financial expert when in reality they got their wealth through nepotism

  3. So we should ignore BAKKT? Ignore the halvening? He may know charts but I dont think he is qualified to talk about BTC targets.

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    • We are going above 13k but I agree, probably not much further. My upside target max is 18k so once we get above 18k, my stops will be moving way up

    • he’s well reliable Love and honest keeping in profit-making his trading pattern are unique I have never seen or heard anyone that has. any false information or bad to say about Mr. Harald. he’s a great man.

  5. Result of long discussion about Bitcoin – ” nobody knows where it will go ..” Great analysis . Bravo .

    • Which is absolutely true. If you prefer the hordes of YouTube clowns who profess to know exactly what BTC is gonna do then by all means….

  6. It’s going to 24k then back down. We will consolidated around 13k16k then a break out to 100k next year in may.

    • It may not be in may as historically there is a little delay after the halving before the next parabolic run but you are right we are in for another run that could reach 100k or beyond especially into late 2020 and into 2021!

      And as for your thoughts on it Alessio, it doesn’t have to make a higher high or break lower! Historically it’s never broken the preveous ATH before the halving! Never! That means we could easily stay under 20k until after May 2020 before we see what it’s going to do! If it breaks new ATHs this year then we are in all new territory and the sky is the limit… Who knows where it will go! History though does not repeat but it often rhymes!

    • I was just telling my friends this very truth the other day. It will pass everyone that is not paying attention so fast they will not be able to catch the train in time.

  7. Will QE increase the price of BTC, in comparison to how much inflation is caused within the currency market when the printing press goes full tilt?

    • Look I am not an expert in this area, this is where Alesio can probably answer this better than me, but what I can say is anytime QE is in play our buying power is destroyed that much more. Bitcoin is only going to go in one direction and that is up (of course ups and downs) because of the math-based algorithm it goes by. We are talking about real numbers that create real wealth and not like the manipulated and inflated government-backed monopoly money.

  8. Some reason to break higher? Oh like the supply halving? Lol He does know that’s happening in less than a year? He does know what bitcoin does after halvings? He does know about supply and demand? So he’s saying that with half the supply and a year of growing demand the price will be the same!? Lol And he calls himself an economist?

    Oh and charts don’t show the future they show the past! The fact that both guys seem completely unconcerned with the halving and what that’s historically done seems laughable! What is it more likely to do? Have you not been paying attention to previous halvings? The talk of 2k bitcoin is also laughable! The fact you can buy it now for just under 10k is a gift! Get it while you can!

  9. Is Bitcoin in bull market or not? LOL Bitcoin is in BULL MARKET since 2009. 🤣 If in doubt – zoom the hell out! 🤣

  10. Bitcoin is more like a inverse performance report for the job that central banks have done. As the world head towards negative interest rates and massive money printing it is clear that Central Banks have FAILED. If you cannot see that or refuse to believe that, then you deserve to lose all your wealth in fiat currency.

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