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44 Comments on Is Bitcoin Going to $1 Million?

  1. We only need mcap of current US debt of (22 trillion) to go above 1 million price so its possible.

  2. Over 3 minutes in and I haven’t heard anything from Peter yet. Edit: Nearly 5 minutes in on a 10 minute video before a question is asked. Need to rectify this next time.

  3. When satoshi invented bitcoin, he made a prediction that it would become a peer to peer currency, and here we are. Nothing wrong with making predictions, just be prepared for failure.

  4. There are more millionaires than there are available bitcoins. It’s not if.. It’s WHEN.

  5. That projection chart is nice but a little wishful. You can see from the past that the parabolic rises are actually reducing in angle each graduation(have a look to see what I mean).
    And he has made the last projection at the same angle as the previous. It will be a big bill run potentially, but if we’re looking to the past to predict the future than it is going to shoot off at a shallower angle than his projection.

    • Abo Thanks. Peter and I had a 2 hour and 30 min conversation – most of which Peter was the main speaker. I could only include a small section of that whole conversation. The rest is in the member video. Thanks :))

  6. Hi Alessio
    You said in previous video that bitcoin could lose value in case of a recession which I think is logical but what if bitcoin or crypto start to be use as money we no longer need to sell them for FIAT money therefore should at least hold is value.
    What do you think about this scenario?
    Thanks for all your videos 😀

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