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68 Comments on Is Bitcoin Closer to a Bottom?

    • I second this. I’m on keto currently and broke it to overindulge over christmas putting on a few KG. Have returned to keto and for the past week been eating mainly vegetable soup with added bone broth and have lost about 5kg in a week and a half. Granted a few KG will have been water weight. Drink plenty of water also 👍

  1. I started Running .25 day 4 years ago now I run 4 miles a day. Eat what I want but mostly healthy. 40 Min Day of running or any good cardio will change your life mentally and physically.

  2. Do some sprints and eat 10x calories per pound of goal body weight. Drink a gallon of water a day. And lift heavy weights a few times a weak. Very simple and this is a fast mini cut that’ll cut that double chin quick !

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