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30 Comments on Is a Bitcoin BULL Market Now Confirmed?

    • +Andrea Saracino Moonboys, man, moonboys, you don’t really think everybody and their cousins here calling for 100k are going to be rich, do you? Think about it.

    • +Alex M but I see that people who called 1k$ in 2012 got rich. Even who called 10k$ in 2016 is now rich. Why can’t that happen again in the future? Your sentence still doesn’t make sense.

    • Let’s face it positively.
      There are reason local exchanges only allow maximum 2 BTC withdrawal per day, per week, per transaction or even per account.
      There are reason local exchanges only allow maximum purchase $5,000 worth of BTC per 24 hours.

      They may reason out as to centralised the flow of their BTC asset and so on. But the truth is the market cap check and balance on their exchange is rigged out. And they have limited supply of BTC on hand in reality. This mean BTC is very limited if you want to get on hold of. Never stick to just only one exchange as per say.

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