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31 Comments on If the Markets BREAK This Level, Things Can Get Ugly Fast

  1. Alessio!… Stop beating around the bush man….WE ARE HERE FOR BITCOIN ANALYSIS….Thank you. 🙏🏽👍🏼

  2. That looks as 1, 2, 3… I don’t think it gonna fall, but isn’t that 1,2,3?
    The next MA Will make more monkeys to fall from the tree.

  3. Thanks for the updte Allesio.. but remember.. there is no need to repeat the same message 20 times in a video just to get 5 minutes… lol thanks again

  4. Brace your self, The war drums are pounding. They may stop hunt and flip this to the up side. I do not thing powers that be are ready to rekt any of these markets. I think they need this to play forward into the election year and then after. Time will tell either way for me The Lord is King of everything death answers to Him.

  5. Good Technical Market Analysis of the major Indices. I expect the PPT will be out in force today.

  6. Update from Alessio: If prices go below a very low level, that will be bad.

    Thanks for listening to this important update

    JK 😆

    • LOL :)) i take your point. I am obviously not a scriptwriter for a Hollywood movie. 🙂 cheers

  7. Interesting that while stock market is going downing BTC going up, manipulation (bull trap) or is actually money moving from stock to crypto 🤔😜

  8. I can finally sleep I was waiting for a video kept on refreshing your page I am happy now please update Monday 😊

  9. The “Stars Are Aligning” a little quicker than we anticipated Alessio…Scaring off weak hands before final leg up at least I hope…If not I am prepared…Been following for a long time mate. You’ve taught me well… Appreciate the heads up as always my brother from a different mother.

  10. Thanks again Alessio… Regarding Shermans ban for cryptos…should we be worried?

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