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If Bitcoin Has NOT Bottomed, Here’s What Could Happen Next

Is there a possibility that Bitcoin perhaps NOT has bottomed? This may sound odd, given the huge parabolic rally in bitcoin, but is there any evidence that might indicate Bitcoin is NOT in a bull market? And if not, then what could potentially happen? We look at the facts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD

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68 Comments on If Bitcoin Has NOT Bottomed, Here’s What Could Happen Next

  1. Alessio, if we are in a B-wave and there is a C-wave correction afterwards, I will make a statue in your honor in my garden. Not even kidding.

  2. Sound advice. The only problem is that FOMO could run us up to $50-75k. We have no idea how high/long this mania will run.

    • Philip Kennedy if you think BTC fair price is $3000 then we are definitely in a bubble and the price will come crashing down, if like the rest of humanity you know future price of BTC is $100,000 or more, then current price of BTC is cheap! Where do YOU think the fair price of BTC is going in the future, $3,000 or $100,000?

    • @Lucas Davenport what if it’s institutional investors for the majority of the buying.. .. once it goes past 20k the average Joe is out of the game.

    • @skurt If he’s right 1 time with this type of prediction, that’s all people will remember and he will be considered the GOAT

    • @American EXPAT I never insulted you or anything. You don’t have facts or good arguments to counter my statements and take it offensively. You just blindly say “disagree” which is an opinion of yours, so I’ll just stop there.

    • @Russell Spears great! My bigget concern are the whales. They have an absurd amount of BTC to disrupt the price.

  3. I agree 100% with everything you say here. The “To the moon” brigade won’t like it but they’ll go back into hiding again once they get slaughtered from believing the hype that this is only going one way without any retracement,
    Remember, common sense is not that common and people should be careful following the masses because sometimes the M is silent 😉
    Great work Alessio, Keep ’em coming 👍

  4. Interesting. Good to see all possibilities, no matter how improbable it might be. Definitely needs to have a healthy new higher low for this bull market to continue with confidence. HODL on!!

    • FellowWorldCitizen I know halving is not “news”, and that it is in the fundamentals. What I mean is that by applying a chartist’s logic, you can win regardless of the events. Look, BTC halving IS something, but it is only something because Bitcoin is resilient as a store of value. If, who knows, in any coming year quantum computation breaks through the state of art, such that blockchains become unsecure in current hash rates, halving might become irrelevant. Chart analysis, on the other hand, will always work, no matter what happen, since you can set intelligent stop-losses even in worst case scenario.

    • @Leonardo Diniz That’s not true at all. The halvings all happened when an uptrend was already under way.

    • @Leonardo Diniz he also mentioned the almost unanimous positive market opinions on bitcoin, which is problematic. this is a more fundamental aspect other than looking at charts.

    • Okay, I might be wrong by saying it -started- after halving, but we had more than an year of true organic bull run on BTC prices after July 2016 halving. That’s also true for November 2012 halving. Anyhow, my point is you are mistaken when you say “there are more fundamental aspects othen than looking at charts”. This is not true for Bitcoin, and is not true for anything that has value. If the fundamentals are good and valid, this will translate in the charts. And you can derive good fundamentals from charts while never even knowing them. That’s what chartists like Alessio do, even though I really believe Alessio is a BTC enthusiast.

    • @Brendan Brown if you’re new in market i’ll advise stay away from day trading, because there are lot of Noises in charts and many times these noises trigger stop losses. Trading in Daily time frame is also quite profitable if you do it smartly

    • But longing is definitely much more profitable and relatively low risk, cuz there is no limit for price to go up but there is a limit for shorting which is 0.

  5. What if the last bear market was only wave 2 and we are currently in wave 3 which tends to be the strongest?

    • Not possible. BTC completed a blow off top in December 2017. That’s going to take years to unwind, find a capitulation bottom and then start the whole process again. This is a suckers rally that will crush everyone who is buying into it.

  6. $13.4k (0.618) may be top of this bear market B wave rally. Was having this thought since early May when things started becoming extremely parabolic. 70%chance of a B wave. Thanks for this awesome video.

  7. Why all the comparison to the 2014-2017 cycle? Am I the only person on Earth noticing the similarities between the current price action and the 2010-2013 cycle?

    • i thought i was the only person that noticed that myself. glad to see someone else noticed that. it looks like we are in a big pull back before launching to the real alltime highs. but the only thing that makes me hesitate on believing that is, we have crossed the 200 MA and you dont do that when in a bull market right?

    • @Danny Jay Noneya I don’t see any pullback right now… holding well above 10,700 and making higher lows after dipping to 10,400 yesterday.

    • Stay_at_home_Dad_here I meant that the “bear market of 2018” might have been a big pull back, kinda like the pull back in the 2010-2013 looked like

    • @Stay_at_home_Dad_here find Iamcryptowolf on twitter or trading view look at his charts…you might be on to something

  8. Eventually the FOMO crowd will start to have flashback of the 2018 crash and sell. That will be the big correction we’re in need of.

    • Eddie3074 and EVERYONE keeps saying this. This is why I think those who sell will get left behind and have to buy at a higher low, around $25k range if they want to ride the next waves up in 2020.

  9. We are in new financial system , no one graphics can tell you what is happening right now man 🙂

    • and now you proved to everyone that you have no clue whatsoever what is chart analysis in general or what Alessio is talking about. LoL

    • Sounds like 2001 to me ^^

      “The rules have changed. All the right people are founding new wonderful companies. We’re in an new Aera of investing.”
      Guess what happened next 😀

  10. Nobody wants to hear this, including me, but it’s a really good approachto take and explore. It’s si east to get caught up in the euphoria.
    Thanks Alessio

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