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If Bitcoin Has Bottomed, This is What Could Happen Next

If Bitcoin has bottomed and if it has started a bull market, then what are the next potential likely scenarios for the crypto? Can we know for certain that bitcoin has bottomed? What could likely happen next if a bottom has been reached? We examine the charts.

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46 Comments on If Bitcoin Has Bottomed, This is What Could Happen Next

  1. Death (and maybe taxes) is the only thing that’s certain. There is a high probability that BTC has bottomed. And as you alway say, TA’s deals in probabilities. Just keep accumulating.

  2. Reaccumulation phase between 6.5 and 8.5k since we have already left the accumulation phase between 3.2 and 4.k is what I’m looking at. If I’m wrong no problem I get it cheaper

  3. Thank you very much for a great video and for not hyping Bitcoin like alot of other channels but simply staying logical. Very professional and I always look forward to future content.

    P.S I much prefer longer videos.

    • +Alessio Rastani what he means is not perse longer videos like other channels that talk rubish and useless information for a long time. But he means usefull information in the time that it takes to give usefull infornation. If thats going to be 7minutes because there is nothing more usefull to say then 7min is good. If there is more usefull information then 20min is also good.

      Its not about the length persee but about the content.

    • Very simplified logical explanation, and easy to understand with accurate explanation of Elliot Wave theory. 10 out of 10 score.

    • +RAPH OOO If the market can’t absorb and bounce back from a fat finger dump / flash crash, it may indicate there’s still weakness. In comparisson, there was a flashcrash on the still nacent ethereum in late summer 2017 and on the stock market in 2011 that got filled not long after and returned to previous levels. We are on day 2 of the dump, and it still hasn’t bounced back.

  4. it is all good what you say….but where does a manipulation like just happened comes into play??? how does that skew your point of view??? this latest price drop was not naturally accuring drop what i gather.

  5. Dude it took you 17minutes to say something that literally takes 30 seconds, uff! And imo your count is not correct im placing this wick down as a wave 4 of a higher degree wave 1.

  6. Alessio, Thank you as always for the video! Sorry to drop this here but I saw a person calling Bitcoin a ponzi on your comments. This is to him;

    “Calling bitcoin a ponzi… You sure have a lot of knowledge!

    Dude, this is something that makes people free of the governments and banks. Unstoppable, gives you right to control your own money and it can’t be printed without knowledge.

    You have to realize how powerful this is. Price doesn’t matter. As long as it exists it will be a good way to transport wealth even if it worths 1 dollar.

    You don’t understand the Bitcoin yet because you don’t understand what a mess we are living in. I’m not saying this to insult you. I’m saying this so you can open your eyes to true freedom. If not bitcoin, something else similiar to this will be absent to save our financial freedom of off those banks and governments.”

    • +Alessio Rastani Thank you for taking time to reply and putting this content free for people like me. I don’t have money to trade but it sure is good to learn because this stuff is helpful in life. Not just in markets as well because everything is so tied together. I love you man!

    • You absolutely right my friend….people need to wake up and take control of there money…if dont start to invest u going to work rest of your life…i compared the system to the matrix alot people sleeping they need to wake up…and stop playing lottery tickets😂

  7. The “fundamental” story between November and today hasn’t changed. Sellers dried up and buyers – who haven’t been doing anything, asserted themselves

  8. Whales know if BTC has bottomed or not. They literally control all of the manipulation that goes on.

  9. I wish i believed in hype back in 2013, instead of logic & reason
    Oh well…you were saying alessio..haha

  10. ‘Show me the charts and I’ll tell you the news’

    Someone mentioned that perhaps the charts last year were showing us that ‘insiders’ were selling off in preparation for the ‘hash war’ last autumn/winter?

  11. Bitcoin at 30k/50k by 2021?? Even after the halving in 2020??Are you kidding me😂😂…ALESSIO i dont think even you believe that!

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