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47 Comments on How You’ll Know When Bitcoin FINALLY Bottoms

  1. I always love seeing notifications from you Alessio, thank you for the update brother 🙏

    • +Neutral Observer You bet! LOL 🙂 I think you will agree that many people would love to buy BTC cheaper! cheers and thanks for watching! 🙂

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    • +Alessio Rastani My man, just don’t wait until it is too late ;D . No problem, I have watched you since your appearance on the BBC (Goldman Sachs rules the world). You are smart about the world and markets for sure!

    • same here I’ve been watching for over 12 months still to buy in but it’s coming soon. 3k am in

  2. I just want to praise all the Chart Analysts who said bitcoin was going to go up or down. Congratulations, you were right again. I’m absolutely stunned by the accuracy of all these continuously correct predictions.

    • Hi Gavin – thanks for watching. I don’t know what you mean by “bearish news” – perhaps you did not watch the same video. Watch my most recent videos like this: . I am actually BULLISH for the LONG TERM – but only slightly bearish for the SHORT term. That is an important point to remember. Thanks! 🙂

    • +Alessio Rastani This is the problem with regular normal people….they only want to hear their biased one sides position….Alessio is correct cautious, BTC long term will be wonderful but I do agree the short term we should see another bearish move from here before the next major leg up!!!! Thx alessio your content is amazing and informative !!

  3. remember he said BTC has not bottomed, EVERYBODY….!!!! hoping when it goes high nobody will claim credits saying i said this and that ^_^

  4. Totally agree. Market need strong confirmation with Price befor to move uptrend. Interesting times incoming

  5. Very helpful Alessio, agree with your interpretation that an ABC wave 4 has been taking place. After such a prolonged bear trend since the end of 2017 it would be reasonable to expect a capitulation low where many give up on BTC before a sustainable bull trend starts, which we haven’t seen yet. This weeks impulsive move lower could be the kick off to a w5 down, still too many bulls for me. Keep up the great work. thanks.

  6. who cares if btc has bottomed or not, just shows how dumb people really are, if you chase the bottom you will miss it, guarantee… it doent matter if btc drops another 1k or not, zoom out get some perspektive, when btc hits 100k+ in 2-3 years you wish you’d put every penny in btc right not at these prices, cause thats what banks and whales are doing ! if i just read the comment section my goodness, just stop this madness and start building positions NOW !

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