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42 Comments on Here’s What My War Indicator is Now Saying

  1. Fake news! Isn’t everyone tired of the constant false flags and fake news!?

    Thanks for the update and correlation to the markets.

    Let’s hope this does not unfold into war.

  2. Alisio I am from Israel and I really love you man , you have the best fresh info in the world 🥰🥰 🦄 ☮️

    • @Alessio Rastani freemasons wants to start war. They started WW1 and WW2. Now they want to start WW3, its all planned, Albert Pike who was illuminati (branch of freemasonry) wrote it in his book prior to WW1 that they planned all 3 WW. So, its all part of the plan to bring wars, earn on wars and make New World Order as they want. Of course, they are real bad guys (actually devil puppets). Note: freemasonry is not in one country, they are spread all over all countries or most of them. They have people everywhere even judges.

    • But Israel want war , who made pressure on Trump to exit the nuclear deal and who ignore the United Nations solution its Israel

    • @Abdulkhaliq Ahmed Israel and their people does not want war, they are small country. Its freemasons (old evil knight templars) who want war because they achieve their goals through wars. So they push other countries to wars.

  3. I agree with you totally Alessio…they’ve done this time and time again..”weapons of mass destruction..oops no weapons of mass destruction..sry”

    • @Michael Allman all wars are about power grabs, land grabs and making some research besides what fake news tells you..I chose my words correctly..Trump said no more senseless wars and here we are again..don’t even get me need to do some research! BTW one false flag, is one too many! I’m an American and I hate the war mongering that we’s horrific! We’re in everyones business and we need to stay out of it..our own country is falling apart..they need to fix this broken infrastructure and stop tearing up other countries around the world…there are many ppl around the world involved but we are apparently the enforcers at the cost of our young men and women to begin with..until these congress people and all others in Washington power center are willing to send their own children into war there is no reason to be there…I don’t want to even hear one excuse for war with any country until these politicians are willing to put their own kids on the front lines then maybe i’ll listen to the narrative!!…Trump said we wouldn’t be the world’s police any longer and here we are again..Trumps only a manager/ need to dig deeper…apologies, Alessio for controversial comments..I won’t be replying to this post again.

  4. The Whole World knows USsr , CIA & North America Military complex #JohnBolton pushing the war Agenda

    • Yeah, they’re just using this as an excuse so they can go after Iran for the bomb that was supposed to blow London to pieces, they caught Iranian Hezbollah with just bunches and bunches upon bunches of ANFO, which is the same material used in the Oklahoma City bombing. ANd oh yeah, this all while OBama was lifting sanctions and sending off planes filled with dollar bills to Iran, so yeeeaaaaah they’re kiiiiinda pissed, but have to use another excuse to spare precious OBamalama the embarassment. No wonder Theresa May havent lifted a finger to try an save her country from falling apart when she knew she would be leaving all office for having continued the policy of silence that she and Cameron introduced when she was home minister or what they call it. I guess it’s easier to create an “In” instead of waiting for one to happen, when you’re in the business of war, pretty sure that’s in Sun Tzu lol! Im just glad Im out of that business.

  5. Interesting and informative as usual. 👍Interesting to note that Iranians still gravitate towards Gold in times of crises. 5000 years of human history behind it.

  6. I’m from the UK. We see right through this just so you know.
    How insane the Donald is accidentally the voice of reason.

  7. Do you really think LB Johnson knew nothing about the False flag? He was not lied to. He was part of it. An evil president for sure in our history.

  8. Thanks for continuing to tell it like it is Alessio. 😊💕
    Truth is what it’s all about these days.

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