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70 Comments on Here’s What Bitcoin’s Bounce Really Means

    • +Healthy Life Care I can’t even imagine what will happen to lower capped coins if BTC drops to 1000. At this point I’d only invest in top 30, going bellow is just way too risky. I’ll be gambling with Omisego and Tezos and see what comes out of this crap.

    • +Smooth Operator I agree 100%. However, something doesn’t seem right. Nasdaq futures will be here January and obviously they’re late to the party. If we drop from 3500 to 1100ish thats an approximate gain of 68% on the short side. That doesn’t really seem worth the wild to a multi billion dollar company. What I “think” is a more participial outcome is the sentiment needs to shift back to bullish, possibly even break the descending line that’s been holding us down all year, and then we go on a premature rally only to be meet by the biggest short positions in history to continue further downwards. What are your thoughts?

    • +Smooth Operator Lol just consider a black hole and the value of “some/most” alt coins equivalent. But can you imagine the value of the 1 or two the will survive? I don’t hold or trade any alt btw

    • +Healthy Life Care I’m not even reading the news anymore, Wallstreet are lying to us just so they can keep us in the game longer before the big dump happens. They want to give you hope that in January we gonna make 360 and go straight to 20k-50k. It’s not gonna happen. Alessio is right when he says “show me the chart and I will tell you the news”. We broke $4000 support with literally no effort, we went trough it like a butter and reached $ 3500 way too early. And there was no capitulation candle, I’m waiting for the nastiest red volume stick in history of BTC. Until that happens I’m not convinced that we have bottomed out. And no, we’re not gonna go over $ 6000, because if we did everyone would sell (including me) just to get out of this horror.

    • +Healthy Life Care Probably the smartest idea. If I could go back I’d only be buying BTC, but I already screwed things up so now I’m HODLing a ton of Omisego. It’s still my favorite project so I’m not really beating myself for this, I’ll just buy more if it goes lower.

  1. Hey guys, thanks for your comments. In the video, for some reason I said that the pulse fired on the 14th January. I actually meant to say the 14th November. 🙂 LOL See you at the next video. thank you!

    • Maybe possibly another bull trap, the final target still on 3 k before forming long term bounce signal that lead to bull market

    • Alessio Rastani – After discovering your videos 2 months ago I’ve been devouring the knowledge you share. Thank you for sharing. I bought the book “Fooled by Randomness” and started googling any terms you use that are unknown to me. I will likely be signing up for more instruction on in the near future…Im not quite there yet. That being said, I also just recently signed up for a premium account with because of their Black Friday special. I did this so I could emulate the things you explain in your videos. I think your viewers would value a 10min walk through of some of your favorite/most used features and how you like to have your charts setup in TradingView. Any tips and tricks to unclutter the charts would be awesome.

  2. We could be looking at wave 4 here , bounce will take us back to $6K-7K then a last 5th wave will possibly take out $3500 lows and bring BTC to a capitulation state.
    This is a tradable action with a possible 100% gain before a final leg down.

    • Heavy confluence of Resistance at 5.6k and definitely at 6k…. I don’t see your wave 4. I see an ABCDE from the low ATM on E wave topping at 4.6kish. The impulse wave from the break of 6k is complete with a truncated 5th wave… not the end of the 3rd wave.

    • Boris Sankisov oh ok, I just watch the video…😁 his count is wrong IMO, it’s an ABCDE not an impulse wave 12345… Subwaves confirm that it’s a 3-3-3-3-3(ABCDE) not a 5-3-5-3-5(12345 impulse wave)..🤔😄

    • 6k was the best support for BTC…now it should be a very strong resistance…if it goes back to those support that would indicate something else.

  3. BTC is going down to $1049 for a final washout IF AND ONLY IF there is capitulation volume at that price.

  4. Thanks buddy, looking forward to BTC hitting 3K great time now for buying up some in my view, had some nice gains lately 🙂

  5. Means you all have no funking clue what it means just all speculating bullocks likr you all have all year

    • +Cpthilton Why should we.. we can post anything we want mate.. any way we please.. and you can’t stop us! If people want to blow off some steam they can do.. right here with you !! so meh 🙂

    • +Cpthilton Evidence that proves beyond doubt that God exists. By the way it os religious people who act all high and mighty. Hence thousands of years of religious persecution humanity has suffered from. Killing blasphemers, apostates, free thinkers, non religious people, homos etc.

    • +Dr Williams: You can post anything you want but it seems stupid to continually visit and post comments to a page that you believe is bullocks.

    • +Arraik Cruor: Religious killing can’t hold a candle to the killing done in the name of evolution. Remember Mao Zedong? (73 million) Joseph Stalin? (58 million) Pol Pot? (3 million) Shall I continue? Strange that you still haven’t challenged me to back up my assertion of proving God.

    • +Cpthilton I already have asked you for evidence that proves beyond doubt that God exists. Read the comment again. Also, evolution is a vague word. Elaborate on what you mean by that.

  6. Hello Alessio do you believe bitcoin could go to the levels prior to the start of the bubble? Potentially the 5th wave ending on those targets? I would love to see you make a video about bubbles the psychology and technicals of it, I read a lot about them but this is the first i am going through 😆, if you have the time I would love to see you make that video, it’s always good to hear from experience people such as you instead of just googling it

  7. Love your videos. Thanks. One suggestion. “Pullback” to me means downward price action so it’s confusing to hear “pullback” in terms of prices increasing. Bounces, like you also said make more sense or maybe could also use the term rally.

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    • Excellent Strategy,Roy! You’ve really come a long way and good to see someone spreading their knowledge and success to help others. The haters will keep on hating because they can’t do what you can. Keep up the great work! Hows the NY life vs CT btw?

    • I’m new been following crypto for 4 months watched hundreds of videos please lead me in the right direction I’d like to start following you and your suggestions, lessons can you help me please

    • Help! I know nothing at all about trading or stock. I don’t have money to loose but I am willing to take a chance.

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    • I do not mind if the price of bitcoin is going up or down. I just need to contact Brock so he can teach me how to trade to win

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