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28 Comments on Here’s Exactly WHEN I am Buying Bitcoin

  1. May I ask Alessio when you say buy do you mean speculate or actually hold a bitcoin appreciate your reply. 👍

    • Thanks Naz. Well, for me personally, I am looking to buy for both speculation and potential growth. I am not a HODLer – so I will be selling if it goes below my stoploss (due to the obvious risk). That is just me – but for others, I cannot say. Thanks.

  2. Bro, wait until 20k, 3k was too cheap and unsafe and not cool at all according to TA standards.

  3. Great content, super informative. It’s hard to stay rational when everyone around you seems too bullish.

  4. For a long term hodler would you recommend Dollar Cost Averaging.. (buying a little every month) instead of trying to time the market ?

  5. What happened to Elliott wave theory, and a final push lower on BTC? Great vids Alesio. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated and grateful :).

  6. Have you thought about a Possibility of : WhalesManipulators knows the fact that some use TA charts, and they work around it to trick you? Like for sure.

  7. So he didn’t buy @3k to buy @6k. Brilliant. Now that’s some next level trading. My strategy is much less complicated: 1. Buy the dip. 2. Hodl.

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