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Has the SELL Signal Finally Triggered for the Markets?

A key "sell" signal could trigger soon for the major markets. The stock markets could trigger a "Dow Theory" sell signal. But what could this mean – and what needs to happen? We look at the charts. #StockMarket #Dowtheory #SP500

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25 Comments on Has the SELL Signal Finally Triggered for the Markets?

  1. They’re not clueless. #1. They’re doing business, and calmness just doesn’t sell. Drama, on the hand… #2. By over-dramatizing, it can lead to panic, which makes it easier to make money on the move by their friends. 🙂

  2. You cannot downplay the impact of the trade war on the financial market, it’s just bogus. Trade wars create uncertainty, and uncertainty is enemy number one of any bull market.

  3. Alessio, are you very cash heavy and waiting for a full correction before deploying funds? Posting a video on your portfolio and strategy would be interesting

  4. Can u let us know how the market will end tomorrow? I cant predict for nuts. I just invest long-term

  5. I know for a “fact” that the Transportation index will break 9730 . . and very easily at that ..
    9400 first stop —then Much Much lower … put on the seat belts …people .

    • funny…. there not “facts” so much as probabilities … X “will” break z – NOT!

      Nice try. I am sure you are correct, yet only 97% sure.

  6. Problem is Trump took credit on the strong Stock Market. So if you claim credit you are responsible when thing turn sour !

  7. wash and rinse cycle, wealth transfer from us sheeple to the .0001% , and smart guys like you Alessio , great post as usual

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