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32 Comments on Has Gold Topped?

    • Silver all the way bro 🤙🏼… I believe we are in a hell of a ride with silver 😀I’m confident silver will test the 50$ Mark in the next 1-2 years

    • With out knowing basics of trading . Follow the money!!! Jp Morgan didnt load up on silver for nothing 😁😁😁

  1. Some lowlife jackass has bell notification so he can downvote your video fast as possible. Stay classy 🙂
    Thanks Alessio

    • Thanks for your question. Gold and silver are highly correlated (positive correlation). So 90% of the time, what goes for gold also goes for Silver. many thanks

  2. Dear Alessio sir, it’s time for silver analysis. It broke through $18. Please analyze $silver in next video.

    • Thanks and yes good point. However, gold and silver are highly correlated (positive correlation). So 90% of the time, what goes for gold also goes for Silver. many thanks

  3. Just another great opportunity to load up on some ETFs after the pullback
    Great video Alessio! Short & Insightful. (I personally love the longer videos just as much)

  4. I believe if gold pulls back, it will only fall to the ~ 1450 levels, maybe it breaks it briefly but will rise up again very quickly… gold has a very strong momentum rn especially with the recessions ahead!

  5. Gold is a measurement of “something”.
    How about an additional vid of showing what gold is up against?
    Thx Allessio.

  6. Gold for me is much more of a macro-trade (and save) than TA. Eg the European central bank and others said they were no longer going to be net sellers of gold and since then its gone up (more of coincidence) on top of other good macro-news for gold. Im not adverse to combining a little TA with gold trading but way, interest rate slashes etc has a stronger effect i believe.

  7. Yay finally a gold video instead of Bitcoin! Now what about silver! And mining stocks! I think they up like 100% yoy

  8. Thanks for the analysis. I do believe the next major pullback in Gold will be our last chance to get in or add more positions before it starts its run to ATH. Fed is under high stress to have more rate cuts in Sep and OCT, and Gold loves low real rate.

  9. Thank you Alessio. Another great video.

    I have been waiting for a cooling off on Gold & Silver but thought maybe with the trade ‘skirmishes’ it may not happen.

    Can you do a video on your thoughts to buying physical Gold & Silver and also some background to the recent market manipulations?

    Thank you 🍻

    • Alessio Rastani I’d love to get your perspective.

      I hold BTC and recently realised Gold & Silver positions are of value as well.

      Any information is helpful.

      Thanks Alessio from Sydney

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