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29 Comments on Has Bitcoin Bottomed at This Key Level?

  1. Great video. Marry Xmas, and blessings, thanks for all the educational videos you provided in 2018, you are a great mentor.

  2. Alessio you didnt mention that tether is scam no more. they have 1.8billion dolar on bank account in puerto rico for example.

  3. Merry XMAS Alesio and enjoy DC!!!! I am just 20 miles from DC enjoy the blue skies while you can when u go back to UK will be grey skies Lol

  4. Happy you are home with family! You are a good son and they must be so proud of you!! All the best to you and your family!! G in NM😎🎁

  5. If it helps anyone here, I bought the 200 weekly moving at $3100 and sold at $4000 and am now building a short position at $4200 up to $4400. Merry Christmas.

  6. yur talking a lot of BS lately imo, the fact that btc is moving up is caused by shortsellers being at an ATH…and also, those people that want to sell and get out, ofcourse there are such people but they are a minority…you should drink some alcohol and chill out! 😉

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