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43 Comments on Greedy and DUMB Wall Street Thinks the Market Goes Up Forever

  1. Greed is one of the 7 deadliest sins.
    Alessio is one of the only news sources I trust.

  2. These Greedy 🐽…🐷 Deserves to all die Penniless.

    Not only for their greedy. But meanly for their action to destroy families, economies & livehoods

  3. it is pure BS Bait and Switch .. they will drop it during Football season either this year or Before TRUMP gets Re Elected 😊😊😆

  4. The big pump and dump scheme is almost complete. They want to pump the bags for some last drops before they cash out.

    • +B VV It kind of has to… Right? I mean what are they going to do just print more money to buy more stocks and cause hyper inflation? Or tax everyone 70%? 100%? Start civil war and world war at the same time? Fundamental rule of physics, it cant go up forever. This is why politics is so fucked up because any politician that gets in is between a rock and a hard place. They have 2 choices for the most part… Inflate or tax to delay it for a while and pacify the people. Inflate too much you have failed state. Tax too much you have war. The world lives in a glass house. It may take a while still because these things don’t move in a day, but I don’t think it’s sustainable long term. I think in my life I will see a global financial collapse. I pray I don’t I would rather us all not have to deal with such a thing but wishful thinking is wishful thinking. All we can do is plan for the worst and hope for the best.

    • I’m sorry, thank you for the insightful comment but I thought that this video was pertaining to the Cryptocurrency market when I replied with my comment lol

  5. I’ve never seen a market go straight up like this without a reasonable pullback. it’s coming it’s just a matter of time especially if China trade deal doesn’t live up to expectations.

    • +MattySOP thanks a lot you just jinxed it. its raining in is up 20% in 3 months. pull back is due is all I’m saying. wasn’t making any predictions

  6. If the yield curve is inverted and we have 12-18 months before a recession, is it then not logical to remain bullish for another year?

    • The WW 1&2 was a way to wipe the slate and start again. Only difference is we have the Internet and the game is up
      We can see real time what politicians are doing and unlike the old days when the public found out 6months later and we were sending our children out to war

  7. I work in a steel factory that exports 50% to the US and orders have fallen to less than half over the previous year. This is an obvious sign of economic slowdown as it is an industrial sector.

  8. absolutely incredible information in this video. Thank you Alessio for this channel and consistently producing such valuable content. Respect.

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