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31 Comments on Gold Surges Higher… But Can Bitcoin BEAT Gold?

  1. The guy is not valid 100s of millions of papper contracts derivatives dumping to suppress Gold / Silver not manipulated? 😏Right…

    • That Peter guy know he is lying. Either he knows really close folks who supress Gold and Silver. Or he is also in on it, and is an agent that also helps supressing with his vast amouny of wealth or given wealth to do the work.

  2. Gold and Bitcoin are very similar but a gold ounce is 300 times more common than a Bitcoin. Gold isnt cheap until Bitcoin has reached at least 300k.

  3. He made a prediction and was right, posts video

    Makes 10 wrong predictions about btc …. never say “i was wrong” because i used probable

    • Simon – thanks for the comment. But as you know, PROFESSIONAL traders do NOT care about being right every time or even 50% of the time. Only amateurs care about being right every time (which is impossible). Professionals know that what matters is RISK versus RETURN – NOT the win rate. So you can be wrong 10 times and be right 3 times, but as long as your losses are SMALL and your winners are BIG (5 times your loss) – your winners are very likely to exceed your losers. That is the lesson ALL professionals learn. I suggest you do the same. thank you.

  4. Difference is: when GOLD drops below its mining cost there won’t be any difficulty adjustment as with Bitcoin.

  5. Oh my god Man, can you just let the Peter interview die off? How many times are you going to go back to that thing?!?!

    • LOL Jon, as you know knowledge is power – and this interview was one where Peter shared some great information that was relevant – thanks

    • Alessio Rastani great interview no question, referring to it in what feels like the next 100 videos… too much. Interview somebody else ;).

      Thank you for all the content you do provide btw!

  6. Thks for the heads up Alessio ! Bell icon clicked 🙏🏻 always look fwd to your videos

  7. Fractional reserve gold markets can’t be manipulated because they are selling 100 contract ounces for every physical ounce … right?

  8. I’ve heard a number of people who me have made money trading, who still thinks there is a ton of manipulation going on. Naive thinking to think not.

  9. You may want to research ‘Stock to Flow’ to better understand the stability of gold prices which will be surpassed by bitcoin

  10. Gold like the oil when this by end will become useless for industry and will (and is) replaced by other materials. Uses gold always will taper. Now I see the holders of gold as not being able to finish their emotional attachment to the instrument.
    Gold is special atomically, but suitable for the middle ages. Always going to be appreciated, but it is completely impractical to transfer real material.
    BTC it’s not a material asset that depends in the holds of a third part to accomplish a contract. And that’s very dangerous in paper gold

  11. When I put an order in whatever I don’t get my order filled, because of price reversal 😅😂😭

  12. Personally I have moved from gold to cryptocurrency. Gold has historically appreciated at 2% per year vs bitcoin🤣

  13. I have little doubt this guest worships on Saturdays. Central Banks are increasing their gold reserves. Malaysia wants to back their currency in gold.

  14. Good time to buy BTC for lower price, Linkkoin exchange gives $5 extra in crypto for first transaction at least $100.

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