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“Ethereum is not a security” says SEC – Bitcoin Talk Show — Your Calls, Answered #LIVE

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6 Comments on “Ethereum is not a security” says SEC – Bitcoin Talk Show — Your Calls, Answered #LIVE

  1. who gives a ** about the SEC – the whole point in crypto is its decentralized – meaning no government or central muppets trying to regulate crypto – so who cares what the US government is trying to do – crypto is decentralized and belongs to us the people of the entire world – not the US government thinking what they like

  2. Everyone should just mine Steem by posting, commenting & upvoting informative & creative content. 👌💨

  3. Now you know the banksters are invested in ETH and playing it with the others. Was this a “decision” OR just an “Opinion” from an SEC member.
    Two entirely different things…

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