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40 Comments on Does Bitcoin’s Momentum Have More Juice?

    • I think it’s because of these 2

      The bullrun was so huge that certain indicators doesn’t work well.


      The correction was so huge that the bear momentum (pulse) it was referring to.

    • +Crypto Trucker-0 Yeah, typical of these snake oil ‘TA experts’. They aren’t successful traders but are looking to sell various services.
      If they are really successful and making good money with the markets, they won’t have much time or inclination to spend on Twitter, making YouTube videos and doing podcasts. We only see the wannabes and poseurs doing this.

    • Alessio Rastani sir we are human beings and u are very intelligent person , i didnt said anything to demean ur analysis.. keep up the good work going , wish to see your interview with Peter Brandt.. he is great too !

  1. Unfortunately we have been looking for a pullback since 4500.
    The pull back bottom keeps rising.

    • +ShinyBlackRims I’m with this thinking too. “The big money” category is the most important. Retail players (including journalists and bloggers) make the most noise but aren’t too important in the grand scheme of things.

      The best we, the small guys, can do is to be alert and agile in responding to the situations brought about by the big money. In the present conditions, I’m having one foot in and the other out…ready to run at the first sign of trouble.

    • Yep I am and i say the ultra long range on stock is not posive
      I say after we had the last recession stocks reflected that stocks over 50 years are beginning to degrade themselves.

    • +Destrukt Gaming BTC is bought with currency because a bitcoin sitting there has no value without currency added. All currencies are projected to inflate and weaken

  2. i honestly don’t care what Peter Brandt or anybody else has to say about Bitcoin. i just watch the behavior of the price/chart. nobody can predict the market, they are just guessing. so you just have to do your homework.

    • Ziza T u don’t care what Peter Brandt says lmao , he was the man who told 80% correction expected as parabola is broken in 2018 January.. respect an experienced trader .. or else do ur work at home..

    • +pawan sharma you misunderstood me. i have great respect for Peter Brandt and many others. i actually watched many of his videos. in some of his training videos he admitted losing trades. and so do the biggest traders in the world. so if you buy just because Peter Brandt told you so, then you dont understand trading and you may get REKT my friend. i’d say take his advice and others and do your own homework and come up with your own decision then buy with little stop loss.

  3. as always his prediction is it will either go up or down. Just be brave and let it out Alessio, what will be Bitcoin price end of the year?

  4. What do you think about this:
    Assets can stay oversold or overbought for a not defined period of time. It doesn’t strictly have to mean that it has to go up or down.. Just look at the 2017 parabolic bull run. Although I believe it’s gonna correct once it tickles the 10k. It looks logic given the psychological importance of 10k and given the incredible rise it has had so far.

  5. I have followed this guy since last year. My advice for everybody go always against what he said then you will earn money. If he said it’s bearish scenario then Buy and if he said bullish scenario then sell.

    • If you’ve been following since last year, you’ve most likely been burnt and are butt hurt about that. Alessio is a great teacher of technical analysis. A good trader wont make a buy or sell based off of someone’s analysis alone, they will wait for confirmed action to the up or downside.
      If you’re initiating trades based off of speculation then you’re the idiot. You know the risks involved, don’t blame someone else for decisions that are ultimately yours.

  6. So, as always bitcoin can go up or down…….I covered myself without committing either way.

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