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44 Comments on British Trader Makes a SHOCKING Prediction

    • too early to say, the democratic vote was taken, parliament has yet to deliver on it, it’s a mess, but remember, it HAS to appear a mess to dissuade other member states from following britain’s lead, I strongly suspect we will no deal or WTO deal as the last minute, but let’s see how it plays out.

    • Just because the UK citizens voted to leave the EU doe’s not mean they know whats best for the economy and trading conditions and the currency etc etc people vote sometimes not even knowing what they are voting for its like a flip of the coin, you just pick one side and hope its right. From an economic standpoint being out of the EU is not a good solution at all. Compare it to economies like Aud and Cad? Both those economies are very very poor with housing crisis and increasing debt with decreasing jobs/income etc. If the UK leaves the EU its going going to make trading harder, decrease the currency value, make EU corporates leave taking revenue and jobs with them etc etc. So ok the UK people decided to leave but on a deeper level that the average voter can not comprehend is, is it fucks our economy.

  1. Totally agree , democracy is a complete illusion /farce, ECB cannot afford Britain to leave so will obfuscate entire process, under the illusion of Democracy.

    • Dude are you serious? These are just some bloody turbulations. People hardly ever agree with each other, without drama. Move to China or North Korea if you are so unhappy about first world problems…

    • The Catmother – notice how the EU or MSM is not covering the tyranny in France against the yellow vests? Crickets..Assad is an angel compared to Macron

  2. A lot of people dont seem to realize, they’re negotiating for deal or no deal. UK is leaving EU anyways!!

  3. They will create an event that caused fear. They will say it’s because of a no deal Brexit. They will force another vote and spend billions to keep the fear going so people vote to stay

    • Governments making people live in fear day by day is probably the worst thing humans can do to each other.. it’s an old agenda.. but these days it’s getting worse, globally.. very sad !!

  4. The Referendum was not “advisory”, a weasel invention used by the losing side to discredit a free and fair vote. Zak Mir is talking bollox. Why do you give this man a platform, Alessio? What is his authority to pronounce on the matter? The Prime Minister David Cameron made it abundantly clear at the time that saying no the EU mean leaving all key aspects of the EU and Britain regaining full control economically, constitutionally and politically. The same was printed in the Government’s $12m pro-EU propaganda leaflet. If the Establishment seeks to overturn the vote the British people will not take that lying down. Steal the legitimate peaceful means for change and the only conduit for change you have left is violence.

  5. Brexit must happen… European Union just start to fall economically and UK leaving EU is UK dodging a bomb….

  6. EU has “worked very well, for business”… not so much for people. The EU is pro corporate to the detriment of it’s people. [I voted remain btw].

  7. Hello Alessio. I always appreciate the analysis that you provide to us. And I learnt so much with your videos. So , i can say thank you very much. #XRP

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