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#Blocktalk – SteemIt’s Ned and Dan

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•Dan Larimer and Ned Scott of

8 Comments on #Blocktalk – SteemIt’s Ned and Dan

  1. Those are your values, (that the “Steemit community” values original
    content more). But, you can’t force that value upon the thousands and
    thousands of people signing up. Look at all the beautiful girls in bikinis
    who travel all over the world who are rewarded more than any other type of
    post. You can’t tell me they’re supporting and valuing “original content”.

  2. I’ve read a lot about Steemit and how it works, etc. And, I can’t help but
    say that something about it feels off. Dan was one of the key developers of
    BitShares, and that was highly questionable as to it’s ethics. It just
    doesn’t have the same stability that other solid crypto currencies have
    (obviously it’s new, I get that). I was excited about it for a while, but
    these guys are making sooooo much money from this excitement and they can
    just cash out right now to make loads of money. There’s something off about
    this. I think I’m going to cash out what I’ve got.

  3. Their follow buttons don’t work. They don’t do anything. I’ve tried Opera
    and Chrome and neither works well. The mobile app is really, really buggy.

  4. if I make some videos that show steemit in a very positive light will I be
    more likely to get upvoted and earn more dollars?

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