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33 Comments on Bitcoin’s Next Big Move Setting Up Now

  1. seems like more and more you are just throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. You’ve made so many videos both bullish and bearish. Mostly bearish. Now your buys are in the $8,000 range? I guess eventually if you make enough predictive videos you will find that some will hit.

    • Alessio Rastani would you be able to recommend any good book for chart analysis. I would like to become a good chartist one day. I Appreciate your videos. Thanks.

    • @Andrej Čolak Bad for me? Perhaps you do not understand my comment. To clarify, the net cost of my Bitcoin holding (which is no doubt more than 99% of what most hold) is zero, and that has nothing to do with the absurd chart analysis presented here. In other words, I hold “X” amount of Bitcoin at zero cost.
      I can point you towards academic studies and insider trader comments if you are really interested. I do not want young folks to be misled by this crap. In my view “sgc1987” is correct.

    • @Alessio Rastani I like a lot about you as a Youtuber, you present cleanly, you prepare well, nice graphics, overall entertaining and smart. You DO talk a lot about probabilities, sorry to be harsh, but now were ranging almost 3x higher than in February…
      Nobody knows when a whale dumps 10k btc on several exchanges or when a few whales start buying massively.
      All the TA in the world, and start buying at 8k instead under 4k? Not attacking you, we know it’s part of Bitcoin, the manipulation and surprises.
      Learn people, NOBODY KNOWS.

    • @Alessio Rastani yes that’s true and also you should said that market is reacted opposite of my prediction. That could be genuine..

    • @David Fariello “You were totally wrong” that’s your fault dumbass, do your own research instead of relying on a limited amount of people, and you’re already in profit 6 months after your purchase, stop whining, we’re all here in the atmosphere early

    • Profitable traders do not place bets until after confirmation. It is more profitable to place a bet that it is going to rain…after the first drops fall. Trading is betting on probabilities and money management. Unlike a casino, there is no “no more bets” call. You can wait for the prediction to START to play out, then place your bet.

    • Nick – that is not the case. A professional chartist is not looking just at the daily timeframe (shown in the video) – but the lower 4 hour and 8 hour timeframes too. I did not have time to show those timeframes in this video. Thanks

  2. we,ll get to 10000 october and novemeber the parabolic bullrun will begin! december we,ll reach 20000 and after that we,ll be going up!

  3. Last time video 6 days ago you suggested that you will open long at 5800 . When it will be correction . Now it is absolute different . So you just follow the momentum. And tell something AFTER happened . So your suggestion is useless and not based on theory

  4. thanks Alessio, great analysis, I am going to miss your videos from next week until August due to a vacation trip to IRAN :),

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