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43 Comments on Bitcoin’s Long Term Chart Could Change Everything

  1. Looks like a bearish three drives on the daily. That said, the real resistance kicks in at around $6200.

    • Good question. We had time resistance on the 4-hour timeframe at end of April to 1st May. On the 4-hour we saw Bitcoin dropping down to key support (21 EMA on Daily). As I mentioned before, Time resistance COMBINED with price support/resistance can often act as an inflection point or reversal in the price. And so we saw Bitcoin’s drop reversing and moving higher right at end of April/start of May. So far, it has worked like a charm. Thanks. 🙂

    • Interesting – gut feeling for analysis of the markets? Good luck with that. Professional traders and analysts may not get it right every time on the markets – but if there is one thing they do NOT do, is rely on gut instinct alone. That is what GAMBLERS do – not traders. 🙂 Many thanks.

    • +Alessio Rastani what is Bitcoin learn that first. Its gambling. Nothing else. If that was the case of pure adoption Grayscale shud have given the drop gold advertise last year in a booming bear market. Why now? Everything is planned and rigged. Tether is just the beginning.

    • Well he says in the video he still thinks it will likely drop back to around $4k which I think will be the wave 5 in the Elliot theory. From there the bull market will begin properly. At least that is my understanding. Tone Vays said he has yet to see a solid sign of a bull market. To him this is just a bump in the price right now.

  2. BTC, now it feels like, the only propulsion on the rocket to the moon is an astronaut with his head out of the window blowing some air furiously.
    The pump has been artificial as f.

  3. With all the crap going on with tether i don’t think we can rely on TA. People are getting out of tether before it collapses which is pushing up the price of btc.

    • I agree, it’s a black swan for sure.
      Btc is over 55% market cap already and usually that starts to lean towards an alt coin run. Bit not this time. It’s like the post ICO and tether issues are making people stick to basics… Bitcoin the OG.

      Even binance is not looking great with their IEO (exchange ico’s) I think the people in the space are smarter, the average Joe hearing it from his taxi driver isn’t back in yet….

  4. Alessio: One thing I can tell you for sure guys, and as I told you in my previous video, it is very likely that If Bitcoin goes higher than [insert arbitrary price level] it will for sure go higher, potentially to [insert higher arbitrary price], otherwise, if the day, week, month, minute or hour closes 2 times below [insert lower arbitrary price] then the likelihood of Bitcoin going lower will definitely increase!…

    Subscribers: -Nailed it!

    • Ricardo Solano: lol I couldn’t have said it better Ricardo … TA is about as useful as reading horoscopes and comes to no consistent probability weighted conclusion.

    • +D. P. Cohen I also agree with Ricardo but totally disagree with you, you’re doing it all wrong probably.

  5. You might be looking at a chart excluding weekends. But bear in mind that the weekly candle officially only closes in a few hours from now!

  6. Thank you Alessio . I always look forward for your next video . Have a blessed day .

  7. What i tell you in your previous video bitcoin touch to 6k and corruption up 4.9k but the condition looking good if it drops drop to 5.2k

  8. Iv been waiting for this video for over 2 days I kept refreshing your channel before I sleep if I ever have spare money I will invest it to become a member to watch the members videos 💃😌

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