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47 Comments on Bitcoin’s Crystal Ball Predicts an Unexpected Move

  1. Most easy to follow and comprehensive trader… love your videos. You have a nack to explain something complicated in an easy to understand format

  2. Great video. I personally see similar scenario. We probably see small run up to 11k and drop below 8.5k
    Time will tell
    Thanks for you knowledge Alessio
    You are legend.

    • Yes bakkt might act just like the hype in dec. 2017 when the futures came out and killed the market, good point. In crypto it has always been buy the hype sell the actual rollout.

  3. I respect a lot of your analysis’s Butt if you’re saying the people who bought at the top and have hodhl all this time are the weak hands that doesn’t make sense. The weak hands have long since left.

  4. But alessio, is this correction from 13.8k down to 9k not healthy enough? I mean the fear Index was a few days ago at 11 and now at 20 》extreme fear.
    So why more downside?

  5. I think we are heading up more than down. So higher lows and higher highs. Let’s see who’s right on this one. Short term definitely higher lows.

  6. Thank you! Your advice is invaluable. it’s good to get a realistic outlook on the market rather than the moon boy approach.

  7. First l subbed, then I clicked the notification bell. Took a big fat short 10X at 10,500 was thinking about closing then I watched this stuffand I’m gonna stick. If you’re unexpected scenario plays out I’ll send you a tip…

  8. Litecoin was a leading indicator before its halvening, now the situations has changed. As people were expecting Litecoin to grow more than other crypro before the halvenening, more money that were comming to crypto, were invested in it. Now as it happened, there are not too many grow factors for now.

    • They have also been criticised for other things lately. “Litecoin has continued to receive scrutiny for its perceived lack of new code development. Electric Capital said Litecoin was “being abandoned,” with the project experiencing a precipitous drop in development activity. In the venture fund’s March 2019 report, Electric Capital cross-analyzed top cryptocurrency projects and concluded Litecoin was “being abandoned.” The study cited figures showing a precipitous drop in the project’s GitHub commits alongside monthly active developers falling from 40 developers to 3 within 2019.”

    • @SmartwatcherS S Yes there is a correlation between them, usually Ltc value varies between 2-5% of Bitcoins total capitalization.

    • @The Watchers i agree look at this ltc topped 150 btc 14k ltc is now 73 i think btc wil hit 7.5k but after this what wil happen?

    • Yes, this is why I gave up on LTC and sold my stack. But I’m still long term HODL on BTC. So from my POV, falling LTC value definitely does not indicate falling BTC value. Sounds like the correlation that used to exist between them has been broken by people learning to look at things like ongoing code development and ability to compete with new projects being actively developed… unless you’re, BTC, having no true competitors.

    • @Conscious Crypto Yeh, i gave up my Ltc also recently and also bullish on Bitcoin. Ltc price goes down historically aftr the halving, think it might go to 1% of bitcoins capitalaization, maybe go back to 5% during altseazon, its a well know coin generally with very cheap transactions, just not the time for it now

  9. Just a big attention seeking troublemaker that also has got NO clue (like all the other Crypto Youtubers) about the next BTC move.

    • I agree 100 percent Number 7. No one knows. My advise buy and hold. I buy at any level weekly and don’t get caught up in the swings od peaks and valleys. LONG TERM HOLD. Buy it forget about it and see where we are at in 3 to 5 years..

    • @Memyself Here 100% true !!! I have the same strategy (Just HodL). And don’t panic when all these “expert” Youtubers make all kind of BIG calls just for the clicks and attention. Nobody knows 😉

  10. When we broke up to 5k you said we will probably correct, we went to 6k, you said we will probably correct now, we went to 7k, you said we will probably correct, we went to 9.5k, you said the most probable scenario is to correct, we went to 14k, you said we will probably correct and we did. Good job. We corrected to 9k, you say we will probably correct more…..I will try to update this in the future under every video you make to see where we are.

    • Mark Spencer I wanted to write something similar about alessio’s videos but you said it best. It’s good that I unsubscribed to his videos earlier in the year because if I continued watching them I would have missed all the boats.

  11. I have also discovered a leading indicator for Bitcoin. Every time Alessio
    Says it’s going down bitcoin does the exact opposite.

    • The guy has been dead on, Not sure what you have been listening to. But when everyone was fomoing in at 12k he was telling people to be careful.

    • Ya right. Since bitcoin started uptrend
      From lows of 3 K He has been saying same thing that price hasn’t bottomed and will go down . Of course it will correct at some point as we go up.
      Share with me even one video link from his analysis where he has predicted upward movement since bitcoin started up movement from 3 K.

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