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5 Comments on Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE (Sep 9, 2018) – Bitcoin News Talk Price Opinion with your Calls

  1. 1:28:30 yeah i think you’re on to something T….if you ever check out Joseph P.Farrell or Peter Lavenda you do hear the recurring theme of technological suppression in either the mathematical or engineering spheres and of course Hollywood is notorious for buying that earth shaking screenplay only to put it on the shelf in perpetuity. Elon’s entreaties have fallen on deaf or perhaps muffled ears! Again, this is why I love Bitcoin where finance and commerce is interdependent and distributive instead of
    co-dependent, toxic, and malevolent.

  2. 22:35 The whole thing about Elon taking a single puff of a joint and not inhaling is plain stupid. WOW! What a controversy!
    The interview goes for 2 and ½ hours and it was a pleasure to listen to them. Such a brilliant mind talking on so many different topics. I loved the way he ended it too. Very human, positive and encouraging. At some point he said: “It wouldn’t hurt to have more love in the World.” Very reassuring to hear it from a guy like him.

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