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25 Comments on Bitcoin Pushes Up These 2 Cryptos… What Now?

  1. Thank you as always for watching. I realise, of course, that the recent Bitcoin movement has impacted just about the majority of crypto altcoins – and not just the 2 I mentioned here in this video. But as you can appreciate, we simply do not have time to cover every crypto on the planet. Many thanks guys – cheers and have a great weekend! Have a few pints on me tonight! 🙂

  2. Great 👍 video! I’m in long since yesterday on XRP.
    Could you have a look on Ltc and bch they are popular too .

  3. XRP is also traded in USD, ETH, EURO, and TRX. The arb is so complex that this analysis is definitively incorrect. It doesn’t take the germane arb factors into account.

  4. I personally don’t look at USD pairs instead I focus on BTC pairs.. since it’s currently only the one that controls the whole crypto market.. it’s good TA though.. cheers

  5. Dash closed below $90 after u said that would significantly decrease it’s chance of a rally. You were wrong. You didn’t “call” anything.

  6. Отличный гoдный кoнтент! Приятно смотреть! Очeнь инфopмативнo и самое глaвноe пoлeзнo, годный видео-кoнтeнт делaетe!!

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