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Bitcoin Nears its SECOND Target… Now Watch This Odd Pattern

Bitcoin is approaching a key psychological level on the charts. But could 10K bring even more FOMO into the market? And what are the risks and most likely patterns after a parabolic rise? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #Dash #Cardano

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33 Comments on Bitcoin Nears its SECOND Target… Now Watch This Odd Pattern

  1. Bitcoin is running like a high speed train right now and ignoring any claims of a dip. 🚄

    • Thanks Allesio! I missed some buy targets with my fiat money since $3300 and never found a good setup again. 100 ema sounds like a plan for me! Hopefully (for me) we reach it very soon!

    • In essence, a trader would have to recognize whether the crypto market favors the “seller” or the “buyer”. My 2 cents for what it is worth.

    • @Bowie Wildeboer chart a 50 sma, RSI period to 5 and levels at 51/49, and bollinger bands to .382 . Check out the price action and the RSI crosses for some entry ideas.

  2. BTC not bottomed? Probably it did…but as we can remember in the past gold also bounced back but didnt make quite higher high…than drop more and more and make lower lows…you try to point that out? Thx

  3. Who won that bet that BTC would 3x before july? Who were the non believes? 99% on Twitter were, 99% on youtube were.

    Lesson: Nobody but 1% knows.

  4. Tether is the elephant in the room. We owe the 20k run to Tether printing as if it were the FED.

    Libra might eat from Tethers share. Will Libra print n pump btc too?

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  6. Hi Alessio. Could a correction on Bitcoin cause a new Alt season to start? Could you please make a video on your thoughts on this? Thanks

  7. May retrace back under 10k, but not ready for major pull back. A significant 40% drop is unlikely on this Up Trend, definitely not a certainty.

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