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16 Comments on Bitcoin Manipulation Price Crash Live Chat — Your Calls, Answered #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. because Bloomberg and NYT have been bastian of journalistic integrity…..just like Texas universities are known for groundbreaking studies…..CMON GUYS THINK

    • THIS THIS THIS THIS IN FACT it is THIS that made me comment so harshley and to actually DOWNVOTE this chan first time ever. Keep up this CRAP type FUD promoting doom and gloom and i will unsubscribe!

  2. Thomas, buck up lad. A crypto coin has been exposed. We all have known that Tether and the exchange it is associated are suspect. How is this different from any other Alt/Scam coin other than scale. Yes, 20K was a spike. Yes, it may have been manipulated. Don’t be sad. Don’t be angry. Just accept how hard this is going to be. Buy the dip or hunker down. Bitcoin has already had 1000 and 1 deaths. 1002 will not be the last.

  3. @1:09:00 savaged. U got this guy on the spot. He is just wishywashy talkingabout human psychology. He was caught so off guard when u asked him to post his short possition. This can turn upwards as fast as it wentdown.

    • lol.. see the recent tweet from him to JW showing his last sells (essentially shorting) BTC at 12k. His last tweet before that was in Feb saying there is no chance of consistent upwards movement from then because bitcoin was in a speculation phase. You are as naive as JW.

  4. Listen to the brit wanker who said $2k LOL wat a joke he ignored every positive thing that happened in our space in the last 2 years LOL even the 2014 bear (totally diff) didn’t spend much time at all beneat 20% of it’s peak! If the Brit wanker said 4k i would say DOUBTFUL but maybe.. thing is a lot of poeple MISSED out at 3k to 5k buy ins and you think the market will give them a chance to get in low? HARDLY .. the price is going down SIMPLY TO CAUSE wankers like we hear on this podcast in there uber depression FUD promoting crap so you turn to fiat and are not fast enuf to get back in! Go ahead idiots give in and give them your BTC .. I wouldn’t want to be trapped in fiat!

    • robb smith just for the record. i never doomed 2k bud. im pro price. pro btc and pro 25k.. xx

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