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Bitcoin Has Repeated This Pattern SEVEN Times This Year

What is the key pattern that bitcoin has repeated several times this year and what could it mean? How can this pattern help us? We look at the bitcoin charts plus also at the stock markets. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #StockMarkets

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32 Comments on Bitcoin Has Repeated This Pattern SEVEN Times This Year

  1. Thats my stomping grounds. Also not a swamp Alessio. LOL. Just a little standing water. Thank you for the video. 21 Moving average!! Got it.

  2. break out is only confirmed on highest timeframes – as we are seeing recently with bitcoin pissing about with head and shoulders and wedges that both have invalidated themselves within a few days.

  3. Dude you’re hilarious. “Btw im standing in front of a swamp” “Btw its boiling hot Im gonna take off this jacket soon” lmao 😀

  4. Good tracks Alessio each time at the end 🎶👍🏻!! Could you share the tracks IDs …? In the descriptions maybe 😉

    • Many thanks – yes sure. Today’s track is called “Burning Room” by Loving Caliber. Yesterday’s music was “Zombie Raiders” by Wave Saver. cheers

    • @Alessio Rastani Hi alessio can you please share the track in this video -
      .I have messaged you many a time for this song’s id.Thank you for the videos.

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  6. same mistake once again LOL he doesn’t want to pronounce te word “exponential”, i think it is maybe a problem of superstition ahah


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  9. To all the geniuses making fun of Alessio using swamp to describe what he’s standing by, look up the definition. Great video Alessio. Hope you had great time here.

  10. Hi , really like the clear speak and visuals you provide on your vids .. great work thanks .👏✌️

  11. @2:35. What is the *MG4 Chart* mentioned here that excludes weekend data? How do I find that chart?

  12. You are the Man Alessio, love your content and your new outtro videos showing location scenery, great part of your videos, thanks so much for your input and God bless you. Hello from Dallas, TX.😃👍

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