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19 Comments on Bitcoin $7090 on Growing Support from Wall St. – Bitcoin Talk Show (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. Thomas is correct. Facebook is a private company and they have the right to do what they did for any arbitrary reason. I think it’s a bad business decision. People can follow or block anyone they want, so it’s not like Alex Jones was imposing his views upon anyone (on facebook) who didn’t want to hear them. What FB has done is made their piece of the internet a little bit smaller and have sent the message that they’re not open to all people, just the ones they find acceptable. The have made their platform less relevant to society, less valuable.

    Alternatives should and will come forth that are more open to open public discourse, that allow all points of view to be expressed.

    If you disagree with Alex, what you should want is for people to hear him because he should theoretically discredit himself. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Openness in public communication is best for society. We need free speech because that enables full exploration free thought.

    Thomas, as a “good libertarian”, are you for a bakery choosing to not bake a cake for a gay wedding for their arbitrary reasons?

    • I’m on facebook and I don’t see any Alex Jones influence. I don’t understand what your trying to say there

  2. In terms of the censorship, do I understand correctly that there was a simultaneous banning from not just Facebook but other platforms. Doesnt that suggest that the decision actually DIDN’T come from Facebook, but from above them (i.e. govt)?

    • Not necessarily. They just could be acting as a herd like the banks adopting bitcoin. They do it because the other one did it. Dominos but no prime mover. Just a needle the broke the camels back.

    • World Crypto Network so their rules/algorithms are informed by other social networks? Do u really think that’s whts going on or just plausible deniability? Its awfully suspicious. Just sayin’

    • Simplest answer is usually the correct one. These things always go in waves…. site after site banning mainly because the other sites banned them… Surprised at Twitter, perhaps the exception that proves the rule. 😉

  3. 911? Um you have to be 100% stupid and defy reality if you don’t believe building 7 was a controlled demolition. Please also explain why it was reported to have fallen on BBC while still standing in background. Please explain owner’s command to “pull it” on interview re bldg 7 prior to its demolition. A second grader can see this on its face. It’s obvious.

    • I missed his comments on building 7. I felt a bit nauseated by his comments on the Alex Jones ban and left early. I will go back and have a listen.
      Anyone who has common sense would at least question how it is possible that building 7 could collapse into it’s own footprint without coordinated “help”.

  4. Everyone knows that the Conservative views are being scrubbed off the Internet before the Mid-terms I’m Canadian and even I can see this.

  5. Its disgusting to defend YouTube censorship. I couldn’t care less if they are a “private” company – without us the people who use it they would be nothing. They have no right to filter what people are allowed to watch – that is unconstitutional. Private selfish people do not have any right to manipulate society according to their own self-interest.

  6. Nationalizing facebook/youtube is a horrible idea on so many, many levels. Thomas argument that then “we” would regulate it, well define who is “we”? (I’m not saying here Thomas wants to nationalize facebook/youtube, just talking about the argument) What was the last thing “we” the people had any control over, in any country in the past 50 years? “We” would have as much control over ‘regulating’ any company as “we” have right now with regulating lets say if Syria gets bombed or not. People have no say, apart from what decoration “politician” appears on TV. All the decisions happen behind closed doors anyway between a bunch of technocrats and highest bidders. Suggesting people have some say in modern times is either dishonest or very misinformed.

    In comparison, people have a say in using or not using facebook/youtube, nobody is forcing them to do it. Facebook will go belly up in few years, in 10 years people will forget it and life goes on. If you nationalize it, you’ll just give it 100% monopoly and make it permanent till government collapse. Just look at google, it’s governmental connections ensured this company is here to stay, crony capitalism at it’s finest. But difference between capitalism and crony capitalism is like between a chair and an electric chair, quite a bit of difference.

    BTW: Gov -> Google -> Youtube, saying Youtube is 100% private is quite the joke.

  7. YouTube is our own private vid. provider – nobody else can have it. 🙂
    Trump is our our own private Pres. – nobody else (other country) can have him. 🙂
    But wait, we voted for both! If the masses vote for something it’s public. 🙂
    Actually, more masses vote for public YouTube than for public Trump (and/or private YouTube and private Trump). 🙂

  8. You YouTubers make me laugh .
    It’s not going up until the manipulators want it, just take a look at gold and silver markets this is a mirror image of 2011.
    But keep making your videos and making your money like I would be doing until people don’t listen to you anymore. Ride that wave brother

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