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9 Comments on Bitcoin $6371, Bitmain IPO, Your Calls – Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE (Call 518-600-1949)

  1. Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at half time and Bitcoin’s family got back together, Exciting time, Housing stock market crash imminent, With a house in Vancouver up from $200k now up at $2million dollars, bad loans, secured against non existent Chinese companies, China building entire cities left empty, Crash is imminent, Change is inevitable, Are China trying to crash the stock market on purpose. Will the price of land drop after the crash, will China buy more land after the crash, Where will crypto fall after this ? Oil crisis ? food crisis linked to desertification? What is a solar storm knocks out all the Satalites! ? Does 5G work with no Satalites ? Where does crypto fit in ? Crash with it ? Or rise after it crashes ? Or disappear into history ?

  2. Good show again Thomas. How about letting callers advertise their twitter handle if they want – people can then decide to follow that caller if they like what they hear, or help them out if they need advice.

  3. Very good as usual, Thomas. Quite informative and savvy to help encourage others to do the little things to show love (=

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