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36 Comments on Are We in A New Bitcoin Bull Market?

  1. Thank you as always Alessio! Would love another lengthy Bitcoin dive in which you highlighted fundamentals. Cheers!!

  2. No way will bitcoin just carry on going up. There will be another flush of weak hands. But long term looks very good.

  3. Thanks Alessio for you r vidoe, BTC does its own thing. The few of us left in the crypto scene knows how she works. All the TA in the world could be correct and the BTC does the opposite.

    • I dont think that theory has much weight. If anything they would have sold by now because of all the fear or going to 1k . If anyone entered in the market at 6k at this point will reset thier whole attitude to the idea of it going to 10k the moment it revisits 6k. human nature of the normie

      its no different from those that say they will buy at 4800 when it was 6k. after it drops to 4800 they later wait to catch a new bottom at 3200. and once it goes there, then they wait to catch the new bottom of 1800.

    • Tyler D. Yea I understand that but I already bought at 3200, and have been all the way up to where we are now. And have buys well above 6k as well. I’m not the masses for sure but yes if people get greedy they get burned, essentially

  4. Drop at the golden cross then start of a slow move up past those pesky $6K Great Walls of resistance!

    Thanks as always Alessio

    • Annoying when such a big thing happens like this golden cross and there no mention of it like it not important or doesn’t effect your opinion 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Alessio, I agree with you, but you should remember what happened in late 2017. A lot of traders (Tone Vays for exemple) were saying BTC had to retest lower levels and we went all the way to 20k. I also do not believe BTC is going to engage in a bull run before late 2020 but we never know….

  6. I got a contrarian dump for ya, it’s called 6200. 99% guaranteed to pullback from there on the first attempt to break through 6200. Are we gonna be shorting it from that price? Um, yes and on uge leverage! Straight line support and resistance and what’s the volume doing that’s all I need to know!

  7. Thumbs up for staying rational. The rest of the traders are so emotional and immature. People have a really short memory, this is going to end in tears. Again.

  8. Hahahahah great video again man. You were very kind saying “a very bullish perspective on this video” at 5:49 xDD

  9. Than you Alessio. Please make a video to discuss the most important question: Bitcoin bottom in or not?

  10. They didn’t expect it, which is why so many are just now buying in. But I do think we will retest the bottom at some point for one last shake out but it will drop and rise quickly.

  11. Now everyone is thinking 6k is Super strong resistance for BTC that will never break in the mid term
    If majority think this way then btc will move….

  12. Great fcken video mate! Tired of seeing all the Bag-Holders ( many who are still underwater from 2017/2018 ) trying to pump their Bags everywhere I turn. Your voice is one of the only sane Trader voices in this space – The Crypto Sniper is great, too.

  13. Trying to tell these people in many ways but they just wouldn’t understand. LOL. Appreciate it. Good video.

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