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32 Comments on Another Failed Rally in These Two Cryptos?

  1. The only reason xrp moon, was : rumor of coinbase to adding it. But overall, it start moving the latest when all was in bull run. So no reason for this to move. But as a technologie protocol with the iou transfert… that’s perfect. Investing in this… well.

  2. Great! But regards to Crypto, the biggest community is Cardano ( ADA), therefore would make sense to have some analysis about it! Thank you for your work Alessio!

    • LOL. good question. The answer seems to be that sometimes it takes a while for Youtube to update the views after I publish the video. I have noticed it too, but if you check after 10 minutes or so, it makes sense. thanks

    • The actual answer is that the youtube platform has always had a delay with the view count. It “updates” around every 15mins or so, give or take a few mins. Likes and Dislikes are pretty much in realtime though. =)

  3. thanks for the video, you are the best TA teacher, can you make a short TA video for litecoin (LTC)

  4. I think £ will be influenced by the outcome of EU elections. In short more pro EU members equal to higher € and £

  5. Hi Alessio, please do analyze ETH from chart wise. Your opinion would be highly appreciated. Thanks my man! Love your videos! I really do!

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