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20 Comments on An Interview with Andy Hoffman – Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. So is Hoffman bullish or bearish? I don’t have time to watch but please let me know so I know to do the opposite LOL

  2. This show is an example of the value WCN provides to bitcoin. Thomas your persistence with maintaining the open dialogue is admirable and your commitment to truth is what is so valuable. Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for the honest discussions.

  3. Andy, if you don’t even know if it’s open source or not, you really don’t know much about it. You sold your reputation very cheaply

  4. I am operating as an economist and only few people are understanding what Bitcoin is. Articles that are published in reddit/r/economy are downvoted immediately and full of negative comments. They all think “old system” and will be up for a rude awakening. I love it.

  5. Thomas has my admiration. You gave Andy the platform with the whole Brhodium thing very open minded. Andy with his years of experience and his curriculum which is repeated on every show he is on. He doesn’t seem to care that something is not open source! And know he is an “altcoin expert” !
    Sorry Mr Hoffman but reputation is everything especially if you are in finance and seeking investors with your expertise . I just don’t get Mr. Hoffman.

    Thomas : thanks for the hard work. WCN Still remains as the bastion for ₿.

  6. Thomas, get someone on to talk about Digbyte! Better than BCash. I’m still not interested in BRhodium after hearing all this and been hearing Andy hyping this on twitter. BTW I don’t have any hate for Andy, he has his own views about BRhodium and I welcome today’s video!

  7. I don’t think Andy is a scammer, I think he’s just extremely stupid as per crypto fundamentals… He said in his interview with Ken Bosak “If you can buy hotel rooms with Dash, then obviously that means that Dash has something there” This statement alone tells you all you need to know about how clueless he is

  8. Hoffman says brhodium is tightly held, but Thomas doesn’t call him out on the stock to flow. Only half of brhodium was issued. Meaning much more of its total supply is minable than bitcoin. Hoffman can’t stand saifedean because saifedean can easily explain greater sock to flow rather than scarcity creates sound money.

  9. this was almost as cringe worthy as the time Tone interviewed Cliff High regarding the process by which web bot “predicts” the future. I mean, sheesh, could Andy’s depth of knowledge be any more shallow or his reasoning be any more nonsensical? He doesn’t know if Brhodium is open source and unaware it matters. hm….

    Are there no standards whatsoever for WCN contributors? if so, what does this say about the WCN brand?

  10. I wasn’t convinced by Andy’s answer to the question, “Are you getting compensated to pump bRhodium?”. He seemed to be careful not to say specifically “I haven’t been compensated in any way by the bRhodium team”, which is what he needs to say.

    If bRhodium isn’t above bitcoin diamond on CoinMarketCap in the next 6 months Andy should be kicked off the WCN imo. The shilling he’s doing is destroying the credibility he never had in the first place.

  11. You did a good job on this interview Thomas. You were more confrontational than usual but it was required in this instance.

    I think it would be better if you distanced yourself from Andy. Your reputation in the space is hard fought and well deserved. I’ve been watching you since 2013 and see you as one of the most reasonable and likable people in Bitcoin, a true asset to the community. Andy on the other hand is looking like someone who is only here to make a quick buck.

    Just my 2 cents.

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