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51 Comments on A Dangerous Pattern to Beware on One Crypto

    • Yes good point – excellent question. Yes a Wave C in EWT typically takes out the highs of wave A – so that is an interesting pattern to watch out for. thanks

    • +Alessio Rastani WOW. So I guess this is one of the reasons why EWT is difficult to understand and to work with.

    • We cover ETH in the member videos. I don’t usually focus on Cardano – but perhaps worth a look in another video. thanks

    • Waste of time as ETH or ADA are going nowhere until BTC break this bullshit bear market ..BTC will dump 20% soon and ADA /ETH will correct 30% .. If BTC breaks away from all the manipulation (which seems impossible now ) then we can see growth . The Crypto Market cap not really moved in 3 months . They have Broken the market . Everyone waiting for a $2k BTC and the $1k BTC .. A single billionaire could own this Market …its Sad .

  1. Ripple is easy to predict. It’s not even a cryptocurrency. I’m shorting it since it stupidly pumped to 3.00$.

  2. It may rain this afternoon as there are a few clouds in the sky… in fact it could thunder because they look quite dark. Sorry I’ve changed my mind..the sun has just shone through slightly so we could see an increase in temperature… be careful and please remember to put your sunscreen on. Oh man…. I’m so confused as the wind has picked up now…!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. This is because XRP is not a true cryptocurrency- it is entirely pre-mined, centralized to some degree, has a ridiculously high supply cap of 100 BILLION whereas BTC only has a max of 21 million. The fact that their supply can be released at the whim of their controlling company and their escrows causes a lot of strange patterns on their chart if you ask me. Some have even gone so far as to say XRP is a fraud (Forbes magazine Mar 1st 2019).

    I have always had a deep distrust in XRP but for my own reasons and have mostly stayed away from investing in it for long term. We have to admit that it is here to stay however especially with the recent Coinbase listings.

    • ow my… people just know idealism and realism are continuously finding a balance. And the balance is never pretty, XRP is for many companies, banks and private joe a choice I understand. However please understand that XRP is a intermedium between currencies, itself is not a currency perse, although it can be. XRP is as centralised or not and compared to BTC or ETH it is decentralised and the shares divided more equal as to BTC where more as 90% of the market is 3 companies in China. And since most coins are pretty new compared to BTC, ETH and XRP I think nothing is decided and every greedy basterd wants to come on top and make as much money out of it as they can. So please stop “quoting” stuff which is from institutions which are owned by banks and other companies.

    • Invest with your brain, not your ideology. Proof of work has many flaws, and believe it or not btc is centralized. Lightening network is very centralized.

    • Hotsauce is Lethal Forbes is owned by the Chinese (recall centralized BTC), which specifically is owned by Asus…. which manufactures and invests heavily upon mining hardware “mother boards, video cards…) no need to say more….

    • Hotsauce is Lethal every week from Forbes since January out comes a FUD article, either Ripple is a scam, to JPM coin replacing XRP.. to Coinbase going in to trouble from adding XRP… and it goes on and on. Only a hollow headed person can’t connect the dots.

  4. Next ‘round’ of 2019/20 Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halvings another day closer ………,.,

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