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40 Comments on A Big Move is Coming… for This Ignored Precious Metal

  1. Nice video! Thumbnail is a bit click bate-y though because it shows XRP and BTC on the picture, which you don’t talk about 😉

    • Thank you – my apologies if the thumbnail was not a good one. I will do better. I think I was trying to portray a race between key markets. many thanks for watching! 🙂

    • Joey B people who use that ignorant childish term “HODL” are not to be taken seriously. You are an embarrassment to the space. Anyone who is not aware that XRP is and always will be useless garbage is an idiot. You seem to be in both categories.

    • +RE That’s true in a free market. They’re useless in a market that’s 100% controlled. JP Morgan can slam the silver price at will, or simply let it go. Only JPM is going to know what’s coming next.

    • I’m holding some at prices that makes my cost basis miserable so I am hoping I live long enough to see it really move! Thanks for the tour and the reminder about the Prisoner and a glimpse of the late, great Patrick McGoohan!

    • …I think almost every market is manipulated at this point! The Fed is propping things up…hoping the whole thing blows! Not to mention negative rates around Europe, etc…

  2. ty for the TA. was looking into it for so long…finally some1 responded.
    I have noted a golden cross on the daily chart (if I’ m correct and if it matters) and 2019 pattern looks like 2016.
    if you could comment your views, will highly appreciate 🙂

  3. Thank you, Very informative, Gold/ Silver Sleeping at the moment, it will wake up, when the coast is clear, Catch you on the Next one, 🌳🎶

  4. Spread the truth: The terrorist “state” of Israel and the zio-jews are behind all the 5G technology, they perfected the technology, they will not allow it in Israel, look it up.

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