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13 Comments on $6419 – Bitcoin Talk Show — Your Calls, Answered #LIVE (Call now: Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. Thomas!!!!!! Love your show, love your presence, and your dedication all these years. I’m into the space just over a year now, and I think I’m a perfect example of someone who learned what was going on with money, and got it right away. The key is continued education. When people learn what is really going on, they will find bitcoin. Keep going man, you’re huge to the movement. All the best.

  2. 36:02 that’s odd to lose viewers if the price go down, I usual start watching when the price go down ’cause I wanna know why ..

    great shows to bad I never catch it when is live

  3. Bcash supporters don’t like “Bcash” because it robs them of the ability to leech off the bitcoin brand. It’s just that simple.

  4. Read “The Jungle” by Sinclair if you want real Chicago flavor. ( – also talks about food btw.)

  5. Thomas says “There are ways that bitcoin can fail” after mentioning it “going to zero” then he says “it could be the wrong one and there “bitcoin 2 bitcoin 3 etc” .. Thomas thinks he’s being ‘conservative’ and ‘unbiased’ is my guess hes not ‘intentionally’ fudding but why plant memes out there like that without explaining ‘reasoning why’ .. This is detrimental. If you think there is a possibility of bitcoin going to zero or failing then state SPECIFICALLY why so I can blow you out of the water.. You are NOT a true believer in the foundation of this and this is apparent.. so instead of Pretending you’re there to help people because of your soft voice and even demeanor pls specifically say why you think there is a ‘possibility of failure’ or a ‘zero value possibility” I bet the only thing you will ever bring up is “someone with guns will…” and if thats the case then lock and load you fkn sissy. Its very easy to sound even keeled and being doing damage here and you are setting up FUD MEMES into peoples brains and pretending you are a hero of some sorts.. enuf! You want to talk tether but have no proof OTHER THAN chain association (circumstantial evidence) .. just and example that you think you warn people against but all you are doing is spreading your HUNCHES because you sir are a coward and should sell all your coin immediately.

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