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9 Comments on $6371 – Bitcoin Talk Show — Your Calls, Answered #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. Big difference btw 25,000 t-shirts and 25,000 hamburgers. Think of the factories to produce each, lives tortured & slaughtered, burden on the environment, etc… (I could go on and on…)

  2. Agree on tariffs. Trump bullying and stiffing contract partners won’t work in international trade. And yes, Trump ran to lose, for publicity and personal gain. He was surprised he won, but now that he’s in the position, well… Trump will continue being Trump – with the nation! (- and with the nuclear “football”.) What else can he do? No changing your stripes at age 72.
    We put the “showman” in. Now we have the show.

  3. Good stuff. Old people spending their last years on the slots may be one last attempt at hitting it big. Maybe it imitates the 9-5 grind that they have become accustomed to. My parents play nickel slots but they say it’s all for the entertainment.

  4. Ha! Trump… Like Carlin said – “This country was bought and sold looong time ago…”
    They even primed the mupet public with a simpsons episode beforehand.

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