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5 Hated Cryptos I’m Going to BUY Soon

While bitcoin has moved sideways, most cryptocurrencies have in downtrends. It is possible that the downtrend could end in the coming weeks and months. In this video we explain which cryptos we are looking at currently. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #Cryptocurrencies

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The 3 major mistakes people make in bitcoin and cryptos:

34 Comments on 5 Hated Cryptos I’m Going to BUY Soon

    • everything is on the verge of collapse if you haven’t paid attention, stocks, real estate, bonds, fiat money printed by central banks, but you’re worried about Bitcoin? Media brainwashing works on people like you I see

    • They will drop with bitcoin but the altcoins that are working on uses cases will bounce back and rocket in value. I think for some it will coincide with the impending doom of the recession.

  1. sold my Litecoin for a loss and put it into BTC -cause nothing will outperform BTC when it starts its move upwards

  2. You should check wink allesio, crypto casino, paying daily div, i think good investment even trx tanked still 450% roi in 9 months, keep up the good job, love all your videos

  3. When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was not interested because my mindset was what changes will it bring to the world but when I began to carry out some deep research of what it is about I was more than interested because the opportunities it presents is very wide and can equally make someone wealthy. I read several posts and equally got to know about trading and some exchanges that I can equally get this done. I started to buy some bitcoin in early 2018 because the market outburst in December 2017 was more than enough for me to have a belief that yes cryptocurrency is here to stay. I decided to carry out some trading without proper knowledge of how to trade or what trading about and also I lack proper knowledge of how the market trends go because I was thinking that there will always be an upward trend in the market. I invested in some coin that eventually ran out of the market in 2018 and my BTC was lost. I became so sad because I was thinking that I have found my miracle to excel but I never knew that I just failed to trade on my own will and experience. I was restless and decided to give up on trading and just hold my leftover 2BTC out of the initial 7BTC that I bought but my mind was telling me never to give up and so I decided to go into intensive research to see if I can learn new ways to make profit trading but the various technique I saw always prove abortive but I never gave up not until one particular day January 13, 2019 when I met James Long, James was a kind man as he introduced me to the strategies that he use to profit. He was very considerate as well because I explained to him how I have almost given up on my cryptocurrency journey. He tutored me on his strategies and then I started implementing it. With just 2 months and 10 days, my profit has already amounted to x6 of my initial investment. I was amazed because if I have given up I would have not been so lucky today to meet him. I was so glad that I decided to share my story with the world to know about. So if you were also in my previous state and needs a transformation why not get in touch with James today and get your story transformed to the better. I will advise you to contact ((jameslong241@ Gmail. com))** for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.

  4. Whenever I see a new video from Alessio, I say in my head really fast: “hi I’m Alessio I hope you’re well”

  5. Thank you very much for your analyses.
    fundamentally ADA CARDANO offers the most hope for a long-term investment.
    Would you be so kind as to tell me the value at which you would make your ADA/USD purchases?
    Thank you again

  6. I’m picking up MITX, still under the radar and will grow in popularity once people get to know it. Will be the Chainlink of 2020!!

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