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4 Comments on 052 Yes, the US government really is bankrupt Here’s proof

  1. Thanks Simon. Great stuff. Retirement visa in the PI requires income of
    $1,500 US a month and costs $3,000. I love it here but not for everyone.
    Hear Thailand cheap too and better amenities. Gonna open a Sing account but
    lots of their assets in Chinese real estate (hehe). Keep up the good work.

  2. *Simon, it seems as though you are spot on with most things but fail
    miserably with others. The “biggest beneficiary of the wars in Afghanistan
    & Iraq was Iran” and so “the Chinese could get their hands on most of the
    oil” – completely false. The “biggest beneficiaries” of all the middle east
    wars are the corporations/Military Industrial Complex that run the US along
    with her corrupt partners in crime, Saudi Arabia & Israel with the added
    goal of expanding the American empire and protecting the petro dollar at
    gun point. One of the first acts the “rebels” did in Libya was form a new
    central bank. These various items are and have always been the objective.*

  3. Great stuff, but Obama didn’t attack because it was exposed that ISIS not
    the Syrian government used nerve gas against the Syrian people.

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