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Renegade Interviews Ep.1 Javier Marti; -Mike Hearn, blocksize, Blockchains, & The Future of Bitcoin

Fascinating interview with Javier Marti, Author, Speaker, trainer and CEO of; on all the latest news in the Bitcoin ecosystem and what the future holds for Bitcoin.

 Mike Hearn departure discussion – 1:21
 Private V Public Blockchains – 9:58
 What would happen if Satoshi Nakamoto was identified – 15:34
 Drop off in 2015 Q4 Bitcoin Venture Capital – 21:25
 What will be the Biggest head winds for Bitcoin 2016 – 26:00
 What will be the Biggest Drivers for Bitcoin in 2016 – 30:50
 A look at Bitcoin and the Property market – 40:42

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9 Comments on Renegade Interviews Ep.1 Javier Marti; -Mike Hearn, blocksize, Blockchains, & The Future of Bitcoin

  1. Mr. Blake is one of the very best hosts and speakers you can be fortunate
    enough to find on the internet. Terrific interview for people who need a
    break from having their intelligence insulted a lot (even though they do
    not watch teevee anymore). This doesn’t get much better. When you are into
    the big picture.

  2. Hi Everybody, I just want to apologise for the loss of audio on the left

    I am aware of the issues and I am already working on tweaking and
    finalising my software and hardware setup. I was also on the tail end of a
    cold which did not help.

    But just to let you know, I will be resolving these issues for the next
    interview and issuing a remastered version of this interview.

    Thanks again for all the support and i hope you enjoy the interview.
    Javier’s insight is always valuable.


  3. Javier speaks about the geopolitical factor of bitcoin, among other things.
    Not many people can do that eloquently. More of these two, please.

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