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Bitcoin Scaling Discussion , Why central banks fear Bitcoin, Problems with Bank Private Blockchains,

World Crypto Network Bitcoin news highlights. We cover everything from Bitcoin scaling issues and whether or not they threaten Bitcoins future growth, to the recent problems R3CEV & the Banks are having creating a Private Blockchain standard. We also talk about why central banks are really starting to fear Bitcoin & why Bitcoin is so important at providing competition through a competing monetary system. We finish by covering the push for mutable Blockchain ledgers and why this would benefit the legacy financial system and the banks, but not everyone else.


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Areas of discussion:

0:10 – Introduction
5:43 – Bitcoin Scaling discussion ViaBTC , Bitcoin unlimited & Segwit
12:15 – R3CEV and problems with Banking Private Blockchains
30:18 – Why Central Banks fear Bitcoin, how they are reacting and why Bitcoin is so important
40:24 – Why the legacy financial system wants mutable Blockchains

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  1. Here’s a comment for ya: “Research whistleblower *PHIL SCHNEIDER* and *DONALD
    MARSHALL*” …. Anyway … bitcoin is looking very promising and if Clif
    High’s predictions are right, we should all be millionaires by this time
    next year haha.

    Also, which hardware wallet would you guys recommend?

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