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Yield Curveball – Mike Maloney

One group of investors have a knack for spotting trouble in the market. They predicted the crash in both 2000 and 2008. And in this video, Mike shows you how to easily track them and see what they are thinking today. As you might have guessed, their outlook isn’t rosy. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at . It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
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49 Comments on Yield Curveball – Mike Maloney

    • Historically there’s a high percentage stocks drop on October especially in
      election years. Plus a ton of other reasons.

    • Which instruments are you thinking of?
      Do you foresee any liquidity problems?
      I’m considering to get some VIX now that it’s so low.

  1. Thank you, Mike! Understanding the yield curve seems to, historically, be a
    great tool for prediction. If short term yields were not manipulated, I
    have little doubt those yields would be signaling a looming crisis (as the
    long term yield seem to indicate). Thanks again! Always great to learn the
    importance of something new!

    • ♦️ Hey asdf898, your calling Mr. Trump “BUMB”?! Thats rich, please tell us
      just how many millions of $ you have amass!! No, whats dumb is the stuff
      you waste your time watching, “BMW/Honda motor cycles racing around and
      rickey racer cars”… boy, come back when you grow-up! This channel is for
      real men, seeking & accruing information regarding present & future money
      matters! Your out of you league. Ok youngster, off you go….

    • No president has the power to fix the economic mess that is coming, but at
      least Trump will deal with immigration + SJW shenanigans and is less
      inclined to start wars.

  2. In September 2008, two months before Obama got elected, there was a real
    mess and panic in the financial markets with all the bailouts, stimulus and
    so on. Will we see something similar this year in September or October,
    just before Trump wins the election? My gut feeling is October will be a
    very, very interesting time, on so many levels…

    • +WreakingHavoc1
      Great post! People really need to understand these things. The coming crash
      will be “physical”: it will effect calories, energy, clothes, water,
      medicine, toilet requisites… everything which has to do with the human
      body, not just “invisible” means like paper money, stocks, pensions etc.

    • +robert4you Well when the paper assets go down, some of the physical assets
      will go up, like gold and silver, and some will go down, like real estate
      and automobiles. You just want to be on the right side when it happens. But
      I think Bitcoin will do very well also.

    • Jill Stein doesn’t have the visibility, the money, the voting machines, the
      political clout to win, but she will pick up some disgruntled Bernie fans.
      Republicans on the conservative and libertarian side will never vote Stein.

    • While your generally right, I would add that the farther into craziness we
      get, the less predictable it will be.

  3. The markets are so corrupted they can go on for ever. They got printing
    presses we do not.

    • Even fiat currency with unlimited printing presses are still backed by the
      trust of the people. At the moment the purchasing power decreases so much
      that the masses lose faith in the currency, it is over. And this can happen

    • Thanks, I did my best to show people how cool bitcoin is back in 2011 now
      it’s even cooler! I wish more people invested back then.

  4. the bigger it is the harder it will fall. Stack precious metals, food,
    water………and try not be under the collapse when it comes.

    • Probably not, but there will almost certainly be rioting for a while. Who
      knows what will happen. If you hoard supplies and not firearms, you’re
      basically just stocking up supplies for your neighbors to take.

    • who knows how bad the storm will be? So if you are prepared as much as can
      be…you will be ready for the reset. You can’t loose being prepared. And I
      like to win!

    • +The Shadow Broker they think I am a fear monger, but I tell them just
      prepare. And yes they think I am crazy.

  5. You have a knack for explaining things, Mike. Gregory Mannarino is always
    talking about the yield curve. I’m a big fan of Gregory but never fully
    understood the yield curve until now. So with the bill rate being
    manipulated, doesn’t that mean if that rate wasn’t manipulated we might
    already be in a flat or inverted curve?

    • I was going to comment on precisely the same thing ,and thanks to Mike for
      clarifying definitions of bill, note, and bond and when the FED buys up
      those bills that go unbid at auction.

    • I love Gregory Mannarino and he does sometimes use charts. Guess I’m more
      of a visual learner than an auditory learner.

  6. Greetings from Norway!
    Great video. Please do more videos on the bond market and yield curves and
    such, I am having a hard time understanding it.

  7. as always thanx mike. .. im guessing the fed will never raise rates, this
    global reset is getting closer. ..Lehmans oops i mean Deutsche bank is
    about to fall …then ripple effect

    • Yup, the European banks are starting to roll over again (DB, RBS, BCS, CS)
      and all CNBC wants us to focus on is how AAPL’s declining profits are
      bullish for the stock market.

  8. I was thinking, is it a good idea to loan from banks now and invest all of
    it in precious metals? After the collapse, which is probably very close, I
    wouldn’t have to pay the loan, but I will still have my gold. Opinions?

    • It happened in Germany before. The banks were collecting the so called
      “forced mortgage” in German: Zwangshypothek. Only in German and explains how the
      people received the order to make payments to the government by law. The
      banks were the henge men of the government. And yes the elite will fail but
      another elite will step into their place. Throw the TV out of the window,
      put your phone on mute and start reading books!

    • +4711Express No there won’t be another elite this time. The internet has
      changed everything. There is a mass awakening taking place right now. I
      don’t own a TV, haven’t watched it since about a decade ago (I’m 26). Maybe
      I read too much alternative media, haha. But I know how to read between the
      lines. IF I’m not right, the world will be a lot more messed up than it is
      now and this loan would be my least concern..

    • +4711Express
      It’s a welcome judgment but very rare. Besides IMPO if someone is
      instrumental in collapsing a nation’s economy thereby putting in danger the
      lives of so many, that offense could be treated as treason or having WMDs
      or something of that sort and punished at that level. By collapsing the
      economy they are jeopardizing even the future generations. Unfortunately
      elected Govts and Central Bankers are doing the same with unrestrained
      deficit spending and financing it respectively. Who will punish the elected
      Govt / law-makers in a democracy?
      I read your Wikipedia link on Hugo Stinnes. Present day banksters could
      sing: “We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning ….” 🙂 Will check
      the other links posted here.
      Thanks a lot for sharing, best regards,

    • +4711Express
      Absolutely. I have a TV for emergency news but do not use it for
      discussions and opinion forming debate. That’s worse than waste of time. I
      am deeply into books. More recently in to economics related books – coming
      from the Science/ Engg background. Sorry can’t read German but yes – Danke!

    • +sodthong
      You are right in the sense that no prediction materializes on the ground
      and for years now. I am not bored with graphs and charts as yet. I must be
      behind the “curve”!

    • There is one chart we all need to be aware of and need to keep an eye on
      it. Slithery has the electoral votes from the coastal states, The Donald
      has Idaho to Georgia covered. The Donald needs the 4 Rust Belt States and
      the 5 or 6 swing states. All Slithery needs is the coastal states and one
      swing state to win this election. Unfortunately she has the current
      administration and its phony economy backing her.

    • Hillary has literally all things mainstream backing. Trump has just about
      anything and everyone not identified as mainstream behind him.

      I think either way an economic collapse is coming, but I predict that under
      Trump we would eventually make it out half alive, while under Hillary it
      would eventually lead to massive upheaval and possibly violent conflict
      within the US.

  9. Excellent video as always.

    I am from India and I have to add one more layer of “what if” because of
    the USD-INR trade off. Like: If USD collapses what will be the fate of Gold
    in terms of INR? It is quite possible both Gold and INR would appreciate
    against the USD and I will get only the relative advantage. Say Gold goes
    up 20 times and INR goes up 4 times then I am still okay but if both
    appreciate by say 5 times against the USD I have gained nothing!!

    In any case, I like all the videos and always look forward to the new ones.
    Thanks a lot.

  10. Thank you, Mike Maloney, for educating us on the yield curve ball…and on
    the other topics, as well. Your information is very helpful.

  11. Hi Mike, sincerely appreciate your info, videos, and dedication! Just
    scrubbed the recently released institutional trader data… Insider selling
    reached unprecedented levels from April-June 2016. Does this type of action
    immediately precede a major market crash? God bless!

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