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Will Cryptos Free Or Enslave Mankind? Mike Maloney

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Mike Maloney recently gave a speech at Anarchapulco titled: Freedom or Enslavement: The Crypto Revolution. In this video he summarizes his greatest hopes and fears for the Bitcoin/blockchain area.
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63 Comments on Will Cryptos Free Or Enslave Mankind? Mike Maloney

    • Find me one crypto investor that is in crypto for it’s fair monetary value, and I’ll find you 20 that are in it to just get rich quick. As soon as the crypto community embraced BTC ETF’s, all was lost. . . . BTC’s valuation also, is fraudulent due to the Tether / Bitfinex pump .. They used compounding trading to make 20 million Tethers into 20 BILLION worth of BTC.

    • Yes, I am from Spain but I usually read his books and watch his interviews and I think that this could be a great idea not only for the Americans but for the rest of us too

    • How about instead of Ron Paul, how about you, you. How about individuals are self responsible and the ones that aren’t, face the consequences. Stop looking to someone else to solve life’s problems. Until you do that, you will always be a part of the sheeple, a slave, even to Ron Paul.

  1. Enslave us. If cryptos are widely adopted every single financial transaction you ever make will be tracked and documented by the government. We need to go back to a system of gold and silver. It has worked for thousands of years and fiat currencies have proven to fail time and time again in history…

  2. Mike. Will there be a hyperinflation of all the new coins that will be created? There is no limit to the number of crypto coins that can be created, diluting the demand for all coins. Anyone can create a crypto. I guess one day everyone will have their own cryptocurrency.

    • emotional? You don’t understand good and evil? Sounds like your problem not mine. But I am correct it’s a useful tool either way but it’s intent is with the holder / creator. You just live in fear.

    • Zyzyzx Zyzer
      I understand good and evil. That’s a Strawman argument, which is a tool of the weak mind.
      It’s your labeling of crypto as evil that I don’t understand.
      Since you’re so sure, why don’t you walk us through your reasoning. I mean, you must have used reasoning and logic, right? If not, then, well, like I said earlier, you’re just making an emotional statement without logic.

  3. Assessing voluntary value to an invisible nonentity is most illogical. But after decades of using Government Fiat currency humans have been conditioned to accept, grade and add value to invisible nonentities. When logic is scarce and conditioning complete, the value of nothing can accelerate to very high levels and last for an eternity.

  4. Crypto currency is still currency that’s controlled by bankers and gov. We’re moving into the next age of control which will be far more enslavement then in the last hundred yrs! You can sugar coat it and make promises of wealth for a few but that’s how it gets started…..without much resistance….greed is still King! The Rothschilds are masterful in (((their))) deception.

  5. Bitcoin = Bait, FEDcoin = Trap 😉
    But you are right Mike… in the End the majority will decide. Its always been like that.

    • LOL – the globalist elites have more power & wealth than I think you understand. They run the shots, and they have for a long time.

    • Funny, the so called gold and silver guru that has been teaching us all the lessons about money printing, Fiat currencies, and how they are worthless because they are backed by nothing. All these years we been listening to a guy giving us reasons to buy gold and silver off him, while gladly accepting your worthless pieces of fiat paper for it. I do recall him also mentioning that it will go to zero too.

      Now, after all years of predicting gold and silver “exploding” it has yet to even explode past all the inflation that has been going on, I thought it was inflation proof. I thought we were gonna see “the collapse”, “10k an oz gold” “500 an oz silver” we heard it all from all these experts haven’t we.

      Now desperation has really settled in when the prices of Bitcoin actually surged to the false predictions of gold, and you got all these gurus either Bashing it in syncronization with thier enemies such as JP morgan, Goldman Sachs, CNBC you name it, or completely jumping ship like Andy Hoffman who announced he sold all his gold, and went all in Bitcoin.

      And here we are to see Mike Maloney at Anarchapulco, not only opened up to crypto, and he is shilling hash-graph which is probably the most centralized of all of them.

      Is it just me, or does something smell like a fucking scam here. This is no promotion to gold, silver, or bitcoin, but its just an honest question of who is actually telling any truth anymore in this so called truth community of Alt media? Theres not enough people calling out these Con Artists

    • @Tyler D. I respect Mike and what he has to say. I truly do.
      But promoting a single Tree (Hashgraph) in a entire Forest does seem a little bit odd? no hard feelings Mike 🙂

    • They’re are already hardened copies of the blockchain. All it takes is one to re-propogate the entire blockchain.
      And worst case, we just start over.
      Plus, if that happens, currency of any type (including metals) will not matter much because all of our food, energy, water, and other necessities are controlled electronically and on the internet. Take the internet down, and people starve. Just in time delivery.

  6. Your fingerprint, visual eye contact, or an implanted chip will be the storage unit with a giant AI unit storing your line of credit will be the crypto currency of the future.

  7. Crypto’s = 110% ENSLAVEMENT. I much prefer what debt I can keep PRIVATE, >>PRIVATE.
    Oh boy, lets go from a fiat to another FIAT . Dumb & Dumber-RER.

    • Vladimus44
      You are 100% correct. Monero is arguably the most important crypto as it’s the one that can without a doubt free humanity’s monetary system.

    • Vladimus44 I suggest you Learn the difference between money and currency before you make ludicrous statements. Check Mike’s series on the hidden secrets of money. This an educational channel not an ignorant troll euphonium.

    • Deathbydebt I’ve seen Mike’s full series, thank you very much. And I don’t need your flippant comments to understand the difference between money and currency. See, what most people fail to understand about money is the simple fact that money, as a concept, arises out of core economic principles and it DOES NOT arise out of tangibility per-se.

      Limited supply tangible commodities were the only option available for use as good moneys for thousands of years. But now, money need no longer be tangible. Why? Because money itself is, and never was, inherently tangible. Money is an abstract economic system of value transfer that ONLY exists in the minds of humans. Without humans to value money, then money would not exist. Money is, very simply, a system of symbols used to measure the productivity of services and the value of goods sold. In order for money to be GOOD money, it requires some level of scarcity. Fiat currency, created by the government, is not good money because it is nowhere near scarce. Worse yet, it is corrupt it its creation mechanism.

      Fixed supply cryptos ARE good money. They have no capacity for fraudulent creation. There is an entirely merit based and neutral method of their creation. This is what you must understand. Bitcoin uses terminology such as “mining for Bitcoin” for a very important reason. It is due to the fact that the creation mechanism was designed to simulate the mining of gold and other precious. Simulate and IMPROVE upon it. Fixed supply cryptos have taken those core economic principles that make for a good money and have applied them to the digital world where transfer-ability and divisibility reign supreme. And finally, the hallmark of a good money is the fact that its use is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. There is no mandate. There is not coercion. It is a free market, through and through. The free market will decide which is the best money. While gold will always remain a safe choice, its not a bad idea to hedge yourself with a true competitor.

      At the very least, we can both agree that government issued fiat is as valuable as toilet paper.

  8. There are other DLT’s other than hashgraph and blockchain. For example IOTA’s tangle DLT. Also hashgraph (I saw your 1 hour video on it) is patented and not open source and therefore it completely misses the freedom anachy part of it all. There is nothing wrong with that but don’t sell them like they’re a solution as you did in your video on it because in that state it doesn’t help at all to the freedom movement of DLT. Also, anarchy has 2 definitions, one related to disorder do to lack of governence and the other is the one you gave.

    • moises bessalle IOTA is a scam and doesn’t even work from a theory perspective, do more research and listen to IOTA critics, and I’m sure you will run from IOTA

    • Jon Runyan I didn’t give any sort of opinion regarding the legitimacy or the flaws with IOTA. I just cleared up the fact that there are more DLT’s other than Blockchain and Hashgraph and used tangle as an example. So please don’t put words in my mouth and drop the condescending “do your research” attitude.

  9. Never seen so many Ill informed and downright ignorant comments about crypto tech as I have in these comments. Your followers have a lot to learn Mike, but you are a great teacher.

    • Cryptocurrency will be used by the NWO. Cryptocurrency is a huge step towards a one world government or something similar

    • People are being fooled in thinking these cryptocurrencies are worth something. It is a classic ponzi scheme system. Once it get regulated then what made cryptos somewhat attractive will disappear

    • All you need to know about cryptos is that they are trust base distributed ledgers back by nothing. Operative word nothing.

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