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Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 1) – Mike Maloney

Join Mike Maloney for his latest in-depth forecast for the stock markets, gold & silver, and more speculative investments like cryptocurrencies and mining stocks. Will 2019 be the year that gold and silver finally assert themselves as THE safe-haven asset?

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58 Comments on Why I Believe 2019 Will Be The Year For Gold & Silver (Part 1) – Mike Maloney

  1. We Should Trust Jesus Christ For 2019. And Believe in Him. Accept Him Lean on Him. Put Jesus First!
    Have A Blessed Year. ❤🌈❤🌈

    • “The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the LORD Almighty.” Haggai 2:8

      Most people have been hurt by religion in some way but I can tell you as a former lifelong atheist who was bitter and angry at everyone, especially people of faith, that Jesus is alive and he also hates religion. The bible actually calls man made religion worthless. If you read the bible you’ll understand why evil seems to be triumphing all over the world. Seek him and you will find him when you search for him with your whole heart.
      “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” Proverbs 14:12.
      “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life” – Jesus.

    • I lean on the one Jesus leaned on when he prayed “Lord Lord why hast thou forsaken me”! Not one who was born from a woman between urine and fecies, who had to eat food and do all the things human animals do. I depend on the one who everything depends on but who depends on nothing and you should too.

    • +Martin Kotzee He is always there and it hurts Him more than a parent to see a child be hurt or molested.

      Well, Jesus must be a masochist then. He is not doing sh*T about the christians molesting boys and girls. Some things just never change.
      Oh, and they everlasting life and crap… I’ve got a bridge to sell you, now pray for a good deal.

    • Well i start buying silver in 2015 and crypto since 2016.. seen my account spikes to levels of money ive never had just to come back to reality lol.. im surviving 2 bear markets and patiently waiti g for the wealth transfer =)

    • +mike bui Hang in there bud. In another 5 yrs you’ll be out of your coma & steering your yacht to the Cayman Islands to avoid tax.

  2. I want to believe, but already see 365 days from now a video titled 2020 is our year for gold and silver.

    • This century gold has been a great investment in 13 out of 18 years. What Mike is saying is only logical, I assign it a very high probability. Your view on the other hand I would say is very, Very unlikely.

    • see my reply above. we been waiting a long time. but recall the move to 1900 was in a very short time. so lets take some profits this time instead of riding it all the way back down.

    • so what,, spike or not, my gold is still worth in worse case scenario… thats the most important part in my saving plan…. spike, wealth transfer, etc2 is just a bonus

    • Todd Maiden hey Todd the fakest thing in this conversation is the fact that you really thought that was Mike Maloney you was having a conversation with and not a intern.

    • Patryk Górecki really? You’re quoting a fairy tale book where myths were made because they didn’t have the means to actually determine truth over 3000 years ago? Come on dude, give us a break. This is a 21st century video, there is not time for make believe here. Maybe we should check with Santa and the Tooth Fairy what their views on reality are too.

    • +GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) Well, if it’s real, I probably shouldn’t stand RIGHT next to the landing pad eh? But I would LOVE to see one of those rockets land in reverse in person as it’s quite the feat… looks just like a takeoff playing on rewind!

      “You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake” -Elon Musk

      Of course, whether the rocket can land in reverse or not is completely beside the point… I never even mentioned the rockets in my comment, I mentioned the painting that you called a “galaxy”. You don’t actually think that’s a photo of a galaxy do you? Come on Mike… someone’s brain has fallen out here but it isn’t mine.

    • +Todd Maiden Yes, that is a digital photo of a galaxy (M51 to be exact), taken with the Hubble space telescope. Here is a high resolution version of it:

      No the rockets are not in rewind. When they take off they are near the launch tower and have the second stage and payload on top. When they land it is only the first stage and it has the fins out to slow down using air resistance. Plus the engines only fire for a few seconds before landing compared to continuous after launch.

      You really need to think before making such silly comments.

    • @Todd Maiden
      so true Todd and so glad you can sort the wheat from the chaff. Don’t know how Musk can lie straight in bed at night?

  3. “No great nation that have ever left the gold standard has ever remained a great nation”
    Ronald Reagan talking with Ron Paul

    • +skyson b pei When Democrats are the majority of Congress it is very difficult to cut the budget.
      Reagan just couldn’t cut the budget.
      Poor Reagan, he is third to Jesus and God………..

  4. Because of you Mike this year i started to educate myself on economy and bought my first silver and gold, mostly silver. I live in poor eastern european country, Lithuania. My max possible savings is about 4000 Eur a year, maybe less. (And this is considered very good amount in my country, where minimum vage is about 6000 a year) This year i bought my first gold coin and 150 silver coins. Its a little, i know, but i hope i have some time left to save up and buy some more. Anyway im still better off than most of the people. Economic armagedon is on its way, 2, 5, 7 years, but it will gonna happen. Deflation – overprinting – hyperinflation.

    • Maladec ! Taip pat perku po 10-20 oz sidabro kas porą mėnesių iš europeanmint. Taip pat įjungtas taupymo režimas, tikintis metų bėgyje pasikrauti ir btc po 1-2k$. Už kantrybę būsim apdovanoti.

    • If you can save 4000 Euros a year you’re way better off than most in western Europe. Salaries don’t matter, it’s what you get in your pocket that counts. That way I’d say the “west” is really poor, most can only afford food for the day.

  5. I’m a young kid, 19 years old but I see through the government manipulating the market. I have a very small amount of gold but I started collecting gold and silver last month thanks to you, Peter schiff and the silver stacking community.

    • Good job, I wish I was that smart at 19.. just find a good place to hide it and dont tell your mother in law 😉

    • I remember buying my first investment when I was 19 years old. It was a secure instrument, at the bank but the long weekend in September 1987, when I was away for the long weekend at a golfing tournament, I got really upset for no reason. This older man, who I worked with was there and I was asking him about the stock markets and telling him I felt something really bad was coming and I had just invested 2K at the bank. He told me I would not be affected by stocks going down and I told him I saw a crash coming to the markets, so bad, that I was concerned that the banks were going to collapse, like during the great Depression. I started to cry and was embarrassed because it was a work thing where we had all won this trip for doing well. He calmed me and explained how, unlike in the 1930’s, the banks now had depositor insurance. I told him that all I could see “was Black”…which was a really weird statement for me to make. Anyways, as it turns out, the market crashed, the following month and it was known as Black Monday. Today, if you click on my name, you will see I have my own You Tube Channel and am retired. It all started with that 2K I invested when I was 19 years old.

  6. I wish Mike would analyse silver more often and talk about it just as much as gold. Silver currently has huge potential.

    • shanta gold, trans siberian gold, highland gold mining, alio gold, guyana goldfields, rox gold, ramelius and maybe Silver Lake Resources – all with good to excellent fundamentals in my opinion.

  7. You must be excited for the coming years, all these years accumulating precious metals! Thanks for your video’s, they taught me so much!

  8. Майк, привет из России! Я читал вашу книгу и запасся хорошим количеством серебра. Надеюсь, что все произойдёт как вы говорите) Желаю удачи!

  9. My prediction for 2019 will be Keynesian money printing at a mass scale, False flag events to propel us into yet another illegal war based on lies, deflation before hyperinflation…..and the Butler family, buying as much Gold as ever before from my good man, Mr. Mike Maloney. Strap yourselves in tight boys! it’s gonna get hairy.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. It may take a few years for all of these events to happen, but I could definitely see it.

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