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Who Was Alan Turing?

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39 Comments on Who Was Alan Turing?

  1. It is an absolute disgrace how a man who did what he did for his country
    was treated afterwards. This man was personally responsible for saving the
    lives of thousands of people yet was persecuted because of how he lived
    his. Thankfully, we have left those backward ideas in the past yet i wonder
    why people today defend cultures that haven’t. Tolerance of intolerance
    should not be tolerated.

    • It’s true. If the Poles that cracked the initial enigma machine, they had
      one of the machines, hadn’t turned it over when Poland was invaded it would
      have taken longer to do it. Turing did much more than work the enigma
      though. The Germans didn’t keep the machine the same during the course of
      the war, they increased the number of wheels and changed code books (for
      the most part). The Brits at Bletchley Park took and ran with it so to

    • Much of this article is historical nonsense. The Polish kill rate in Battle
      of Britain was not the highest with 3 Spitfire Squadrons with higher rates.
      They flew Hurricanes & did have an excellent kill rate amongst Hurricane
      Squadrons. They had a real penchant for exaggerated kills! However they
      were highly regarded. The only source worth reading in respect of Enigma
      History is The Bletchley Park website & museum which is well worth a visit.

    • Well, the Polish got the machine to the Allies, as the war progressed it
      took more and more for Bletchley Park to keep up. Turing was instrumental
      in that. When I went through training and we covered the history of
      cryptology, both the Poles and Bletchley figured into the classes along
      with the Americans cracking the Japanese Purple stuff.

  2. Turing led the code breaking team at Bletchley Park, England. My father was
    an engineer at The Park during the war & on occasions worked for Turing’s
    team. Turing was regarded as the father of computing. The films were
    terrible & much historical fact omitted.

    • Because homosexuality is a mental illness, usually brought on from having
      been sexually abused as a child. Treatment was forced on him.

    • So are the male King Penguins, like the ones in Hamburg Zoo, who prefer to
      consistently hang out with and show affection to each other male penguins
      instead of breeding with female penguins mentally ill or sexually abused as
      chick-penguins? 😉

  3. MIKE, really, do more tangent history vids. really, you have a great
    platform and audience. don’t be afraid to have one of your interns prepare
    some in depth dialogue

  4. You might argue that Charles Babbage created a whole lot of the foundation
    that Alan Turing used in terms of developing computing theory. That said,
    it is really hard to overstate his role in developing the computing
    sciences as he was involved in the early years of developing the great
    electronic computers of the 1940’s and 1950’s that led to modern computing

    Thank you for making this video. I agree that his death was tragic, and the
    UK government certainly did much to discredit unjustly the work that he did
    to frankly win World War II. While certainly many other people deserve
    credit for winning that war, I think it is safe to say that literally tens
    if not hundreds of thousands of British soldiers and sailors…. not to
    mention many Americans and other allied participants too… literally owe
    their life to this man for his work on their behalf. Cracking the Enigma
    machine and building Colossus to practically real-time read highly
    classified messages of Nazi Germany and literally putting those messages on
    the desk of Winston Churchill in minutes after their receipt made D-Day
    possible and enabled the war to end at least a year earlier if not
    faster… and likely saved all of the allied forces during the Battle of
    the Bulge.

    If that isn’t a reason to honor a great man, I don’t know what else could
    be said.

  5. The state persecuted Alan Turing, not social conservatives. Social
    conservatives have never had a problem with homosexuals. The open secret of
    people like Benjamin Britten was thanks to the tolerance of good people who
    recognise greatness. We did not do this to Alan.

  6. More information about Turning’s life and history would have been helpful.
    Too often, gays have been having their history deleted or misstated. For
    example, if you ask, “Will America ever elect a gay president,” you get
    many responses, but he was already elected and that was President James
    Buchanan and his husband was Senator William Rufus King. Many history books
    just call him a “bachelor,” but never address why he had a Senator as his

    Mike, you are correct in reminding us of the importance of Turing and also
    that once people get the best results out of someone, they return to their
    old prejudices. Clearly, that happened in his case.

    Thanks for telling us about his story!

    As a gay man, myself, I like to hear and learn about the history of others
    who made positive contributions to society.

    Best wishes,

  7. Live and let live only works in a responsible, compassionate and lawful
    society. When people like Hillary and other crooks and thugs can blatantly
    break rules and laws, when those governed become ungovernable then live and
    let live goes down the toilet. If men were angels, no government would be
    necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal
    controls on government would be necessary. The Federalist No. 51

  8. Thank you for remembering this man not only for his mathematical
    contributions but also his personal suffering.

  9. Did you forget to mention that he was homosexual? I think a lot of people
    watching the video are going to miss your point if they didn’t know that
    about him.

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      moment hear ! Still; many people still believe nothing is wrong. Anybody
      who is honest, will admit business is not booming in Australia.

    • +Jezebel Decibel Around my area I can see at least 5 high rise developments
      under construction and with more planned. The council is selling of some
      land to developers too. Deflation is here for sure, my suppliers dropped
      prices voluntarily. I think Australia GDP has contracted since mid 2015 .
      My friends wife works for statistics, they use some pretty outlandish
      methods to come up with the GDP growth. My business has contracted 40% in 5
      years. We need more Chinese to buy empty apartments just to keep the jobs
      lol. Love it or hate it. It’s helicopter money. I tell my friends, just
      shut up and take the money. At least our kids will have cheap condos to
      rent or buy.

    • +GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) Mr Maloney, I think the powers that be will
      make gold and silver illegal to hold some day. We will move to a global
      credit system. Sovereignty will be a thing of the past.

  10. Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011) received the Turing award in 1983. He designed
    the software foundation upon which the global digital transformation was
    built. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates used his C programming language to build
    their empires. His personal life is none of my business.

    • +GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) Lets hope the domino’s start falling and we
      all leave this EUssr. I live in Ireland and we are still in it
      unfortunately. I look forward to the newsletter, Thanks Mike.

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