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What You Didn’t Know About Episodes 9 & 10… Mike Maloney

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22 Comments on What You Didn’t Know About Episodes 9 & 10… Mike Maloney

  1. Well Mike, your videos have resulted in me being a loyal customer totaling about $50,000 to date. P.S Seems I have no way to get audio from the videos on your site on my phone. Facebook no issue.

  2. Thank you so much for all the time and work you and the team put in to this, it’s so valuable information presenter in such a beautiful way!
    Hope you all are well!!
    Now it’s time to stack more Silver, some gold and cryptos, but most importanltly keep learning 😁

  3. It’s all great Mike, we are lucky to have all of you there. I sent you an email thru to your C/S line thru the website, they said they would get it to you for me. Have a nice week. Hopefully it is you seeing this message at some point LOL.

  4. Thank you. Now that I think about it I watched 9 and mistakenly thought I had watched 10 at some point. Your videos are interesting. I agree that economic events are mistaken for partisan political issues. For example, I repeatedly caution people not to fall into the trap of championing or blaming overall stock market movements on a particular president or party.

  5. Between this series and Chris Duane’s 8 and a half hour Silver Bullet Silver Shield documentary I feel like I’m very well versed on the history of money/ currency and the financial system as a whole.

  6. The whole series is amazing and has really opened my eyes into the field of global economics. I’ve been a paramedic most of my working life but it’s time to start educating myself and protecting my family’s future. Thanks Mike.

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