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What You Can Learn From Hurricane Maria – Mike Maloney

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The biggest lesson you can learn from hurricane Maria is to be prepared. Puerto Ricans are suffering right now with the grid down, and limited access to cash. Make sure you are prepared BEFORE an emergency situation occurs.


27 Comments on What You Can Learn From Hurricane Maria – Mike Maloney

  1. Excellent points. Love the 5 Gs. very enlightening. We do indeed live in the assumption that the just in time logistics system will work as normal. Most supermarkets hold no more than 2 days of stock. What happens when that logistics system fails. Chaos. The whole of Hong Kong has only 3 days of food. Aside from gold cash and the 5 Gs a good one is to try and move away from big cities.

  2. i’ve learned that PR is very corrupt and fraudulent. instead of hardening their electrical grid and strengthening their building codes they’ve squandered $70+ billion dollars on feel-good useless crap and graft.

    • They ARE a country Full of Entitlement people that used to have our US. Military Bases located there to fund their free floaty economy…now (with our bases gone) the people need to face reality and build up their own infrastructure. I was down there helping them years ago…and was treated poorly and disrespected. I don’t have much sympathy for PR-cans that can’t move and do for themselves. Hey, look at mexico city Earthquake…more were killed down there…no bellyaches at all…Mexican people Get After It. PR-can’s need to get out their entitlement attitude and stop crying for U.S. Support…they need to pick up a shovel, broom and chainsaw and get working…not waiting for help to arrive. I’ve liked every country i visited and worked in…all except for P.R. they were very mean to me when i was helping them build their infrastructure.

  3. Hello Mike, please could you record a video about new potential FED chair. Warsh seems to be Trump’s choice, but he is hawkish on interest rates, which may indicate Yellen and Obama will not be blamed for the up coming crash. Let us know what is your view in that. Thanks!

    • Not enough infrastructure. When crypto will be more popular first thing people will do after any catastrophe is to restore connections to the Grid

    • this argument is foolish, unless the internet is down for good, you can simply store you wealth and when the disaster is over you will still have access to the internet. Also, food for thought, how will gold exactly help you during a hurricane? Will people just naturally gravitate to commerce using gold? I mean I can understand having food, gas and guns, but gold? unless were facing a nuclear holocaust for a few years… not much value

    • Mandarin McPhee
      He and his team got to California ahead of the hurricane. He did a video post about it earlier.

  4. People learn the government is completely incompetent and cannot be relied upon…again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

  5. Exactly, I’ll sell my “extra” guns, food, water, lighters and gasoline….for cash, gold or silver. Sorry bitcoin, visa and mastercard not accepted.

  6. Puerto Rico is a good example of WHY a Cashless Society, so loudly & proudly propagated by Governments is a NON STARTER.

  7. The 5 G’s…… It would be wise to have a full six pack……maybe adding God as Number One in the Pack!!

  8. Christians in America are converging on Northern Michigan.
    Sell what you don’t need to the heathens, Babylon has fallen.
    Move you and your family, it’s time to assemble.

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