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What They Aren’t Telling You About The Yield Curve – Mike Maloney

Get Mike's book for free here: Join Mike Maloney as he reveals an important factor of the partial Yield Curve inversion that is being ignored by mainstream news and media. Then stick around to the end of the video to see yet another indicator that is suggesting a huge change in markets could be upon us… If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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50 Comments on What They Aren’t Telling You About The Yield Curve – Mike Maloney

  1. Do you ever stop and wonder if the entire world’s economy is actually a fictional construct created to control us?

    • The hyper elite, print money however it suits their plans, they give their companies free money and buy up competitors globally and kill those companies, they buy up all real estate via proxy front companies to keep slaves paying high rent or morgages to keep em slaves, they set the wages and prices globally to enslave everyone beneath locked in life long work, they set taxes to kill population freedom

    • Not anymore. Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books started to shed some light of the rigged economy. I try to focus on taking action/ seizing the opportunity out of this. God…, I hope I can and I will lol.

  2. Jews control the financial system and media. This is why the media never wants to tell you about the true state of Finance.

  3. This time the bubble is so big because the central banks have bought stocks with funny money. Swiss National Bank has bought APPL like crazy. Where does iit get the money from to do this?

  4. Totally Awesome Video! I learnt more in 12 minutes than in countless hours of watching other videos! Yield curve explained and understood! Now I know whats going on and why!

  5. I usually bypass the technical stuff too hard to understand, I watched every minute of this as such a basic explanation. Thanks learnt so much.

  6. “Things” have not be going along swimmingly for “so many” people. In a fully-rigged, manipulated and controlled economy the reality is built upon lies, exclusively.

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