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USA’s Monstrous Debt Time Bomb Just Got Bigger…

Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Today brings news of the latest federal budget proposal, a $4.75T presidential wishlist doomed to defeat in the House that spends money we don’t have.

Perhaps most striking is that we are on pace to shatter the all-time debt-to-GDP record established in 1946 — when the country was in the midst of the life-or-death crisis of World War II — for no other reason than politicians lying to us about what the country can afford.
One unrealistic promise after another campaign exaggeration from Democrat and Republican alike, one after the next, has gotten us here.

Interest rates are still near historic lows. As the US economy begins to slow, the Fed knows that by capitulating to demands to keep the Everything Bubble inflated at all costs, by ceasing interest rate hikes, they’ve left themselves scant few tools to combat the coming recession.
So few, in fact, the Fed has already started jawboning negative interest rates as part of our future economic landscape. QE 4, and 5, and 6, and beyond…they’re already all but fait accompli.

Because this path has been walked before, and there are no offramps. The Japanification of not just Europe, but the US, is well underway. A society unwilling or unable to elect politicians who conduct themselves in a fiscally responsible manner will be punished by inescapable mathematical reality.

Japan knows this quicksand all too well. The US, immersing itself deeper by the day, will come to understand the power of this policy trap it wading into, with eyes wide open, soon enough.

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32 Comments on USA’s Monstrous Debt Time Bomb Just Got Bigger…

  1. I have told and shown my family about this channel and am trying to get more to see what you say mike. A valuable channel indeed 🤞🏼

  2. Goes to show you really don’t own a single thing in this country. It’s really just an illusion. Anything can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice and even though you are debt free you still owe the debts of your forefathers and the whole country as a whole. USA died and declined everafter 1912.

  3. Great video Mike! I’ve been watching this economy unfold since 2005 and have been investing in silver since 2005! Most people that I use to tell about this thought I was crazy and still think I am. Sad! I’m glad that I’m not one of the sheeple!

    • So, what did your wisdom bring you, except silver coins? What are you going to do with them?
      Also, are you suggesting that anyone who hasnt invested in silver coins is a sheep?

  4. America is bankrupt .. people will smart up and get what FED is doing…Trump will finish US off….

  5. Mike, I started listening to you back in 2006 and you are the catalyst for why I hold sound money today. THANK YOU!

  6. STOP worrying folks. Janet Yellen on tape saying NEVER a recession in her lifetime. Smooth sailing ahead.

  7. bear in mind the US gdp is overstated by at least 30%. the official US GDP per head is 40% higher than that of Germany, the most productive major economy in Europe. This is extremely unlikely. I tend to think the US gdp figures have been overstated due to the way its calculated. That means the real debt ratio is much much higher, could be around 600% of GDP.

  8. Thanks for allowing comments. I noticed some “experts” don’t. Diversity of opinion is a good thing.

  9. If you have friends or loved ones that you wanna wake or enlighten. I feel Mike Maloney is a great starting point. Just send them a link to the videos and say nothing more until they ask more.

  10. Ha ha and Powell said yesterday on 60min says no recession insight. Seriously how the hell did these guys get the job…He shouldnt even be allowed to flip burgers….

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