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This Is How Trade Wars Can Lead To Shooting Wars

Join Mike Maloney as he analyzes the massive unintended consequences caused by the current foray into trade wars and tariffs. You can watch Mike's previous warnings about these actions at this link: If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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43 Comments on This Is How Trade Wars Can Lead To Shooting Wars

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  1. Tariffs are tools to renegotiate. We’ve already been in a trade War, we just haven’t been fighting it. Now we are. Didn’t hear you complaining about tariffs slapped on us by other countries. I wonder why that is? This is how the global elite treats us. Accept these economic schemes that benefit the globalists, or we’ll send your husbands, brothers, and sons to die on the battlefield. Get fucked!

    • irishwolfIV ….. people are so dumb after all these years they just don’t get….sheep obediently led to slaughter….. elites pump and dump while we kill off all our healthy and young….wake up people…!!

    • Fredinno the WTO? You mean the organization that Works hand in hand with the UN to implement agenda 2030? The plan that hopes to reduce the world’s population by 90%, and place the remaining population in the most menial living conditions? Is that the WTO you’re talking about?

    • William K : yea so what lol . Fiat collapsed in Venezuela . And they are 1 million percent inflation and they still use Bolivars. The gov can still price goods in ther fiat currency . Even tho it’s worthless . But that’s how they keep ther power . You just don’t get it like all the other bit-idiots . Smh

    • And you.don’t need a third party for gold or silver .. But for bitcoin you do.need a third party if you wanna get into.the banking system . Like coin base . Or get outta the crypto world . Cryptos are just like fiat dude . And try getting half of the population of USA to get into cryptos . Study show half of 320 million Americans won’t touch cryptos . That is alot of people . Millions .

    • @Digger D, while the U.S. had tariffs, the U.S. operated on the gold standard and didn’t have an income tax. In fact, the income tax was sold to the public on the basis that it would replace tariffs and that only the very rich would pay it. People voted for the income tax believing it was voting away tariffs, because people knew that tariffs were harmful. The Founding Fathers didn’t like tariffs, but preferred them as an indirect way of raising revenue for the government as opposed to direct taxation, which they equated with theft and knew would be abused.

  2. The minimum wage is a tariff on goods and services produced in the US.

    A tariff that can be avoided by manufacturing in China. The same is true for corporate taxes, FICA, Obamacare and most government regulations.

    We screwed ourselves first.

  3. It is true that tariffs are a hard change at first…. But ultimately it forces us to be more independent and keep our money turning over within our own economy, which keeps job growth sustained. Extra taxes given to farmers are a burden, but at least those farmers don’t live in China. They could just allow food to have real price discovery, but they don’t want to risk losing order from a starving nation. So helping farmers is more of a national security issue than just an economic problem. Besides, the more money we can keep at home, the stronger our economy is. Yes, it is true that we end up paying more, especially at first; but that also opens up opportunities here at home for new companies to fill the gap, which crates more jobs and helps rejuvenate money velocity. As for Tesla, almost their entire operation is completely robotic. He doesn’t support that many jobs, although this is a heavy blow to the company itself and share holders…… Some of the most productive and prosperous times in US history were when we had the highest tariffs.

    Tariffs = problem
    foreign counter tariffs = reaction
    new competitive companies at home = solution

    In the end, I would have to agree with the premise here. Especially if China gets backed into a corner and feels they have to dump their trillion dollar US treasury holdings. There is no doubt that we would bomb them heavily, because there is no doubt that a dollar crash would be eminent at that point. If we are lucky, it will never come to this…….. only if we are lucky.

  4. And YOUR ARGUMENTS never provide a solution to the status quo of trade imbalances weighted against the USA… so don’t go pointing the finger here…

  5. Mike, you don’t seem to say anything about ‘leveling the playing field’ and readjusting the balance. Sometimes we to have to ‘weed the garden’ to keep it healthy.

  6. Why do the lamentations about Trump’s tariffs never address the tariffs that other countries put on our good years before, and that we ignored. The “Free Traders” never seem to mind when our goods are tariffed, only when we actually call them out.

  7. I agree that tariffs are always bad. However, the US has been hit hard with tariffs from other countries for years with low or no tariffs from US side. This is part of a trade deficit! It is time we zero out these tariffs from other countries, and all let the market work as it will. The only way is will happen, is to put tariffs out there until negotiation starts.

  8. You’re forgetting we’ve been in the trade were for years with China. Trump is just trying to balance it out.

  9. I could agree with Mike here IF there were no tariffs to start with.

    China forces businesses to build there if they are to sell there as well as place tariffs on incoming goods. All while the Chinese were selling here tariff free.

    NAFTA is a joke; Mexico places tariffs on our items while we let there junk in for free.

    Harley is a giant stack of globalist liars. They sell near nothing in Europe. Europe already had tariffs on them such as 100% in Germany. While the US let’s BMW motorcycles in with next to no tariff.

    I like what Trump is doing.
    He is saying I’ll match your tariff until we both can cut a deal to remove them all.

    Tariff free is the way to be and some times you have to play hard ball to get Germany, China, Mexico, and Turkey to understand.

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